Yasuni Face Balm

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This ultralight face balm is filled with enzyme-rich noncomedogenic fruit oils that exfoliate the skin and diminish a tendency toward blackheads. Yasuni doesn't contain any essential oils, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

The star feature of this balm is its enzymatic mild exfoliation from fruit oils alone. The açai oil exfoliates and resurfaces the skin similarly to a retinol product, but being a fruit oil, it doesn't over-exfoliate or cause redness or intense peeling. Even more, retinol-like action is supplied by the buriti oil, which is exceptionally high in betacarotenes. The enzymes keep sebum oil production in check, so oily skin types become more balanced and are not shiny at the end of the day, and the appearance of blackheads is greatly reduced over time.

The formula also includes hydrating marula oil and cupuaçu butter, firming tucuma butter, deeply penetrating bacuri butter, sun-damage-correcting raspberry oil, and revitalizing cranberry oil.