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Even just 20 minutes outside without sunblock can cause damage to your skin. Sun-kissed was formulated to support your body's natural response to oxidative stress while outside and rejuvenate skin that has already been affected by it.

Used in conjunction with your usual methods of sun protection, Sun-kissed can be an additional help in protecting and replenishing your skin health from the inside out

Our olive extract sourced from Brazil has powerful antioxidants that help reduce the appearance of existing discoloration. It’s able to achieve this incredible feat through a polyphenolic compound called oleuropein that helps promote healthy cell growth during and after UV exposure.

Astaxanthin is derived from algae and is one of the most powerful antioxidants on earth. It has been studied for its role in inhibiting skin pigmentation, which is vital in helping to prevent future skin discoloration and keeping your skin hydrated. In fact, astaxanthin is 100 times stronger than beta-carotene and 1,000 times stronger than lutein when it comes to protecting your cells against oxidation caused by environmental stress. (Yes, it’s powerful, but still please don’t forget sunscreen!)

The antioxidant-packed ingredients continue with organic apple and organic beetroot. The phytochemicals in organic apples support your skin’s self-repair and rejuvenation. Organic beetroot packs Vitamin C, which supports your body’s natural immune response to environmental stressors your skin deals with every day.

How To Use: Take 2 capsules daily. Sun-kissed can be taken anytime during the day, with or without food, so you can make it work with your beauty schedule.

Tips: Put a capsule (or both if you can handle it) in your mouth, drink some water and then tilt your head forward before swallowing. The air in the capsules will help them float to the back of your throat and should make the capsules easier to swallow. Note: If you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition, consult your qualified healthcare professional before using this product.