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Senia | Hot & Cold Smart Facial Steamer | Vanity Planet

$77.50 $85.00

Our Senia Smart Hot & Cold Steamer elevates everyday grooming to spa level. Steam before shaving and exfoliation to prep skin, prevent in-grown hair, and purify using 1 of 6 relaxing, dual-temperature modes.



    Smart steam technology w/digital display

    Dual-temp aromatherapy mist

    6-in-1 steam modes for all skin types

    Hot mode decongests

    Cold mode tightens skin

    Hydration mode adds moisture

    Oil control mode clarifies

    Removes stubborn residue and re-balances

    Preps skin for a deeper shave

    Minimizes in-grown hair, cleans pores and helps clear acneImproves circulation and texture

    Alleviates dry patches and softens skin

    Ensures improved absorption of skincare products

    Helps clear sinuses

    Can be used over beard/facial hair


    Sleek, matte black design

    Includes aromatherapy essential oil basket, large water tank, and digital display

    Customizable experience combats skin issues with dewy, restorative cleansing