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See New x Rain Organica - Total retail value: $178


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**Rinse-Free Facial Cleanser - retails at $34

A gentle no-rinse cream cleanser that won't cause breakouts or irritate your skin. Since it's rinse-free, you can use it anywhere... at home or in the backcountry. Licorice root powder & cucumber water help soothe skin at the end of a long day on the trail. And, dead sea mud helps remove dirt, grit, and sweat.

*I Am Enough Facial Oil - retails at $34

This serum is PACKED with skin happy foods that work together to restore + soothe + protect your skin. Knowing that argan and tamanu oils are widely used for their skin rejuvenating properties, Brandy started experimenting with these two oils blending in more fragile botanical oils like pumpkin seed and evening primrose, both rich in essential fatty acids to create a blend that would help restore skin's natural moisture barrier.

**Firefly Brightening Mask - retails at $42

Firefly face mask is an invitation for you to linger in the moment and to be fully present as you care for your skin. You can expect a freshly ground natural blend of rice, adzuki beans, chia seeds, and adaptogenic herbs & mushrooms (astragalus and reishi) awaiting you. These powerhouse ingredients work to gently exfoliate the skin while still providing extreme nourishment.

*Light Mist Facial Toner - retails at $30

A protective facial toner to use day or night and anytime you need a refreshing spritz.

Organic cucumber and rosewater soothe irritated skin while helping reduce the appearance of pores. Vitamin C is just incredible all-around - whether that's providing you with antioxidant protection during the daytime or helping repair your skin overnight.

*Lightweight Facial Lotion - retails at $38

This lotion has everything - anti-oxidants (Vitamin C & Resveratrol), humectants (think hyaluronic acid and panthenol), a redness-relieving peptide & a UV shielding peptide, and just a touch of highly absorbent non-comedogenic oils.


* Featured in both The Essentials & The Skincare Box

** Featured in The Skincare Box only

About Rain Organica

Have you ever wondered why skincare routines have to be so long?  Why is it that a single leave-on product isn’t able to meet all of your skin’s needs?  And, what are your skin’s needs anyways?

Hi, I’m Brandy Searcy, founder and formulator of Rain Organica.

My path towards launching a(nother) skincare brand in an oversaturated market started way back in my teens.  After an all-out war with acne using my skin and my body as a battleground, I vowed to stop treating my skin as a canvas to wage war on and instead decided it was time to treat it as a part of me, an organ to be loved and nourished.

For over a decade, I made my own skincare and offered it to family and friends.  Rain Organica launched in 2020 when it became clear the skincare industry was still missing something vital… all-in-one products to fully care for and protect your skin and that could reduce a routine down to something manageable… at max, just 3 steps.

The Box Review

"The Skincare Box featured a brand that was very minimalist and nature-inspired this delivery. As usual, I love that I get to really explore a brand in-depth by receiving a range of their products in full-size packaging. The mist and the lotion were by far my favorites this time, but I loved how unique the mask and the cleanser felt too."

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