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See New x Forest Rhapsody


We have run out of stock for this item.

See New x Forest Rhapsody - Total Retail: $311


Products in the box

**Dew Drops $69  - Dew Drops is a dual-action cleanser that nourishes and feeds your skin as you cleanse. Formulated with a complex blend of enzymes, potent botanical extracts, and moisturizing plant oils, this luscious gel is reminiscent of morning dew drops on a charming spring morning – ethereal, pure, and absolutely delectable.

*Green Nectar $64 - A little goes a long way with this extraordinary gem. Borrowing from land and sea, this liquid silk provides the most intensive and gratifying hydration for thirsty skin cells. It quenches and nourishes deeply, mirroring the ambrosial nectar that sustains life in the lush forest.

**Barrier Warrior $74 - Harnessing the benefits of one of the most ancient and vital food groups, we created Barrier Warrior, a barrier fortifying gel that is rooted in the humble grain.

*Good Earth $52 - Good Earth’s powerful combination of thanaka bark powder, clay and honey purifies and detoxifies, while clinically proven vitamins and CoQ10 nourish and help repair your skin.

**Thousand Petals $52 - Thousand Petals is a powerful fusion of next-generation flower acids, fruit acids and lactic acid, in a base of kaolin and bentonite. Peppered with exquisitely milled bamboo powder, this dual-action resurfacing mask gently polishes and peels to reveal brighter, petal-soft skin, through both chemical and physical action.


* Featured in both The Essentials & The Skincare Box

** Featured in The Skincare Box only

About Forest Rhapsody

Forest Rhapsody Skincare  was born out of a desire to create category-defining formulas.

We harvest next generation bioactives to pioneer modern interpretations of ancient beauty rituals across Southeast Asia, based on the belief that modern science and ancient wisdom can co-exist harmoniously.

We are on a mission to formulate intelligent and sophisticated skincare solutions that boldly celebrate green chemistry while paying tribute to age-old beauty rituals, creating products that perform and delight in equal measure. 

The Box Review

"See New absolutely went above and beyond my expectations with this box and it’s been such a treat to discover a new-to-me brand that couldn’t suit my taste in skincare better. I haven’t had my Forest Rhapsody products for that long, but these products have been so effective that I’m compelled to say I want to re-purchase most of these as soon as I run out. The serum and the gel in particular have just been so good, and with that said I can’t thank See New enough for inviting me along to discover this incredible brand."