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Featured Products:

*Apricot Cleansing Oil $42 - Melt away excess sebum + makeup to give your face the ultimate cleanse it needs. Breathe in the aroma of exotic cardamom rounded out by calming lavender + ylang-ylang. This cleanser is meant for all types of skin including acne-prone. Will not clog pores.

** Rose Petal Toner $38 - Created by distilling rose petals this is more than just a hydrating facial mist. Aloe Vera moisturizes & soothes irritated/dry skin. The luxurious aroma of rose petals will decrease anxiety & stress making every day more enjoyable. Witch hazel minimizes pore size, controls oil production to balance sebum production.

*Chocolate Coconut Lip Scrub $22 - Our 100% natural flavored chocolate + coconut lip scrub gently exfoliates and smooth lips. Cocoa powder softens lips and gives you a chocolatey experience almost good enough to eat.

*Ultra Day Serum $46 - Brighten up your day & skin with a powerful blend of fast-absorbing, naturally derived oils. Rice bran oil (Japan’s anti-aging secret) will keep your skin hydrated throughout the days. Non-greasy formula with a smooth finish.

** Ultra Night Serum $54 - Our high antioxidant blend of fatty acid oils will keep skin hydrated through the night. Wheat germ oil is nature's powerhouse of vitamin e that will bring liveliness to your night skin. Beautiful sweet dreams are on the way with a hint of lavender, ylang ylang, & orange.


*Featured in both The Skincare Box and The Essentials 

** Featured in only The Skincare Box