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See New x Dirty Lamb


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See New x Dirty Lamb - Total Retail $202 


* Please note the Chocolate Coconut Lip Scrub is currently sold out and will be substituted in the box for another product of equal or greater value.

Products in the box

*Apricot Cleansing Oil $42 - Melt away excess sebum + makeup to give your face the ultimate cleanse it needs. Breathe in the aroma of exotic cardamom rounded out by calming lavender + ylang-ylang. This cleanser is meant for all types of skin including acne-prone. Will not clog pores.

** Rose Petal Toner $38 - Created by distilling rose petals this is more than just a hydrating facial mist. Aloe Vera moisturizes & soothes irritated/dry skin. The luxurious aroma of rose petals will decrease anxiety & stress making every day more enjoyable. Witch hazel minimizes pore size, controls oil production to balance sebum production.

*Chocolate Coconut Lip Scrub $22 - Our 100% natural flavored chocolate + coconut lip scrub gently exfoliates and smooth lips. Cocoa powder softens lips and gives you a chocolatey experience almost good enough to eat.

*Ultra Day Serum $46 - Brighten up your day & skin with a powerful blend of fast-absorbing, naturally derived oils. Rice bran oil (Japan’s anti-aging secret) will keep your skin hydrated throughout the days. Non-greasy formula with a smooth finish.

** Ultra Night Serum $54 - Our high antioxidant blend of fatty acid oils will keep skin hydrated through the night. Wheat germ oil is nature's powerhouse of vitamin e that will bring liveliness to your night skin. Beautiful sweet dreams are on the way with a hint of lavender, ylang ylang, & orange.


*Featured in both The Skincare Box and The Essentials 

** Featured in only The Skincare Box

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About Dirty Lamb

Dirty Lamb is a chic, high performance skin care line that focuses on the use of natural ingredients, with no hidden agenda. Ahlam Abbas creates unisex skin care products that leave your skin - and your bathroom - less cluttered. Dirty Lamb does not discriminate about who you are; we're here to reveal the best version of yourself.

Don't take our word for it...

The Box Review

"See New Skincare is one of the darlings of the skincare subscriptions out there, in my opinion. You always know you are going to get a box of full-size skincare that has been vetted by the See New team to be ingredient-conscious and performance-focused. It is also a great way to try out new brands or even older favorites like Dirty Lamb (loving the rebranding, btw!). This specific assortment feels like a great choice for this time of year when things start to get nourishing and cozy."