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Rhodiola | Regenerative Drops | Gurhu | 50 ml


Rhodiola is an adaptogenic plant, used to strengthen the body's resistance and adaptation capacities in the face of stress or low energy, physical and emotional. It stimulates the nervous system and would act on the level of serotonin, a neurotransmitter linked to well-being.

Adaptogen-Increases the body's ability to resist stress factors.Supports the immune system.

Stimulating-Reduces fatigue, physical and emotional.Increases work capacity and cognitive functions: concentration, memory, mental calculation, or even visual and auditory perception.

Fortifying-Improves physical performance and increases resistance to effort.

How to use

In cure of 21 days.Take 20 drops morning and evening, diluted in a glass of water, between meals.

For better effectiveness, we recommend that you renew the cure after a week's break.