REMEDY TEA | Herbal Wellness Tea

60g / 2.1oz

Looking for a warm, cozy hug in a mug? Remedy Tea is here to soothe your soul and lift you up! This caffeine-free blend of herbs is a perfect balance of sweet and spice, providing relief when you're feeling under the weather. Enjoy it any time of day, every day, and let the traditional Chinese medicine herbs work their magic to warm your body, promote circulation, and open your respiratory tract. Steep it long for maximum benefits, and feel the power of Remedy Tea!



ginger*, cinnamon*, elderberries*, peppermint*, rosemary*, lemongrass*, peppercorns*, star anise*. *organic

How to use

Cover and steep tea in freshly boiled water for 15 minutes.

Key Ingredient


Elderberries are the flirty superheroes of the wellness world! Packed with immune-boosting power, these little berries are your secret weapon for staying healthy and vibrant. Whether you're fighting off a cold or just want to feel your best, elderberries have got your back (and your taste buds, too!).