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Raro Nansebo | Ethiopian | Canyon Coffee | 12oz


A seasonal coffee from Ethiopia — the birthplace of coffee!

Raro Nansebo is a coffee-growing community in the southern Guji region of Ethiopia. This coffee was naturally processed — meaning the cherries were left to dry and ferment whole in the sun for around 15-20 days — being turned and raked consistently for even drying. It is a deliciously juicy, fruit-forward coffee that's sure to light up your morning.  We're roasting the coffee to a delicate medium level, to draw out the unique flavors while giving the coffee a smooth, round mouthfeel. 

The Experience:  Juicy, floral, and delicious with taste notes of raspberry, guava, and jasmine. For those newer to or exploring specialty coffee, it's a real treat to taste something so vibrant, while still clean and caramelly.

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Uraga, Guji

Producer: SNAP

Process: Natural

Certification: Organic

We Taste: Raspberry, Guava, and Jasmine