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Probiotic Collagen Powder Peptides | Terra Origin


Available in Matcha Green Tea and Berry Melon Flavors.

200MM CFU Probiotics + 10,000 mg Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides, 100% Grass Fed. Supports healthy gut, immune system and strong hair, skin and nails & collagen production
Collagen is frequently referred to as the glue that holds the body together. It not only makes up connective tissue in your skin, muscle tissue, bones and tendons, but it also forms and protects many of your vital organs. Collagen is often taken for its effects on skin. As we age, it breaks down under the surface of our skin and creates fissures where the skin can fold in giving us lines and wrinkles. By supplementing you can help improve skin elasticity resulting in supple, smooth skin.*

Collagen is also well known for positive effects on the gut and may help reduce intestinal permeability helping you to retain more of the nutrients you consume. It is the component in bone broth that helps rebuild the digestive lining and supports a healthy gut. Seeing as it is key in our structural support, the addition of collagen may also help ease pain in the joints, knees and back and lessens stiffness allowing the body to heal.*

    Ingredients & Benefits


    Supports healthy hair, skin and nails & collagen production*


    Supports healthy gut and immune system*