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Poivre - Notes of Black Pepper, Cardamom, & Ginger.

Inspired by Piperaceae, also known as Peppercorn. The Poivre series leads with spiced pepper balanced with a subtle hint of warm cardamom and fresh ginger. Feels like: a refreshing hike in the deep woods.

    The Botanical Collection

    Candles and incense with subtle yet distinct compositions inspired by a selection of our favorite arboreal and floral species. 

    Reusable Vessel

    Each vessel is sturdy, reusable tumbler worthy of adding to your collection.  


    Hand-poured in Saint Augustine with responsibly sourced, organic coconut wax and a cotton wick to ensure the cleanest burn.

    Organic coconut wax.

    Essential oil and fragrance oil blend.

    Cotton wick for clean burning.

    Reusable glass vessel.