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WHITE PALO SANTO HOLDER | A Stylish & Convenient Way to Capture Palo Santo Ashes


In using this Palo Santo Holder in your home, you can feel at ease knowing that the ashes won't leave a mess behind. Designed to capture the ashes while burning Palo Santo, this sleek and modern ceramic vessel also doubles as an incense stick holder. It's the perfect addition to your home decor and aromatherapy routine, allowing you to bring in positivity without worrying about the aftermath.


    4.3 x 1.8in

    Fits sticks up to 1 in thick

    Also has a smaller hole to hold standard incense sticks

    How to use

    Simply place your lit Palo Santo stick into the heat-safe holder to capture the ashes, for a clean and hassle-free aromatherapy experience.