NOT COFFEE | Herbal + Mushroom Coffee Alternative


Introducing Not Coffee, the perfect coffee alternative to energize your day and nourish your body and mind. The herbal and mushroom blend is formulated by recovering coffee addicts, so you can trust us to replace your daily habit with a healthy and delicious ritual. With adaptogens used in herbal medicine and barely any caffeine, you'll experience a calm, focused energy without any jitters or crashes.

The highly concentrated blend is 8 times more potent than most brands, and Oasis only uses fruiting body mushroom extracts, so you know you're getting only the good stuff. Say goodbye to coffee and hello to a healthier you with Not Coffee!


Organic cocoa powder 10-12% alkalized, Wildcrafted Organic Chaga 8:1 dual extract (fruiting body), Organic Gotu kola, Organic mesquite whole pod powder, Organic Ashwagandha root, Organic Nettle leaf powder, Organic yacon root, Organic Fo-Ti, Organic reishi 8:1 dual extract (fruiting body), Organic Cordyceps militaris 10:1 dual extract (fruiting body), Organic lion's mane 8:1 dual extract (fruiting body), Himalayan Shilajit (powder 50% fulvic acid), Organic cinnamon, Organic guarana seed powder, Himalayan pink salt.

How to use

Mix 1 tsp not coffee with a splash of hot water. stir to combine. finish with your milk of choice and desired sweetener.

Key Ingredient

Lion's Mane

Get your head in the game with Lion's Mane! This brain-boosting mushroom is like a personal cheerleader for your mind, giving you the focus and clarity you need to crush your day. Say goodbye to brain fog and hello to sharp thinking, all while feeling like a total boss. Ready to roar with Lion's Mane? Let's do this!