LONDON FOG | Adaptogen Tea Latte with Lion's Mane & Ashwagandha

Get ready to cozy up and unwind with Amoda's London Fog Adaptogen Tea Latte! Made with premium black tea and sweet vanilla, this creamy latte will give you a sense of peace and focus during stressful times. With the addition of adaptogenic ashwagandha to ease stress and Lion's Mane for improved concentration and memory, every sip will leave you feeling rejuvenated and grounded. So, take a break, sip on some comfort, and conquer the day!

Gluten free oat milk powder*, black tea extract*, lion’s mane extract*, ashwagandha powder*, carob powder*, natural vanilla and bergamot flavour*.  *organic. 

Although the oat milk powder is gluten free, our facility is not certified gluten free. 

Contains 500mg lion's mane extract and 300mg ashwagandha powder.

How to use

Stir into hot water for an earl grey milk tea, or mix with foamed milk for an extra creamy latte. Sweeten to give the bergamot and vanilla extra pop.

Key Ingredient

Lion's Mane

Get your head in the game with Lion's Mane! This brain-boosting mushroom is like a personal cheerleader for your mind, giving you the focus and clarity you need to crush your day. Say goodbye to brain fog and hello to sharp thinking, all while feeling like a total boss. Ready to roar with Lion's Mane? Let's do this!