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Immune-Gut Probiotics | Fermento



Did you know that 80% of your immune cells are housed in the gut? 

Immune probiotic is a natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory supplement that supports the immune system and gut microflora. Fortified with vitamin D, Zinc, and prebiotic. 

Our proprietary formula improve the immune system by modulating immune cells passing through the gut. 

Our acid-resistant capsules contain micro-encapsulated probiotic strains able to survive the gastric barrier and arrive alive directly into the gut.

🔬 Engineered to survive

🧫 Science back strains

💊 Acid resistant capsule

😍 Support immune + gut health

💩 Ideal for people suffering from dhiarrea, constipation, and IBS


Whats inside

💊 30 capsules (1 month supply)

Immune probiotic formulation includes 2 next-generation clinically proven probiotic strains that help to improve the immune system, by increasing immune defences through the gut microbiome.

Clinically proven probiotic blend (20 billion colony forming units): GG (Lactobacillus Rhamnosus), BL-04 (Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. lactis)

We've also included microencapsulated Zinc and Vitamin D, which support the immune system. Then there’s the Inulin, that’s simply dietary fiber that keeps the bacterium alive and kicking.

How to take it

Take one capsule each morning. That's it!