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His Blend | Blooming Blends


Discover your daily PLANT POWER in one pipette. 
Shine from the inside out.

The HIS (KIND) daily tonic is designed to help boost your everyday wellbeing.

A blend of six nourishing botanicals, taken everyday, to support male daily wellness, to invigorate and energise the body and mind, to help bring focus and stamina while assisting the body to cope calmly with the daily pressures of life. 

We do not add any extra vitamins or minerals.
All the supplement power comes directly from the amazing plants found in this blend making it easy to be incorporated into your already established daily wellbeing routine.

This tonic is an alcohol-free.


NOTHING HIDDEN, NOTHING ARTIFICIAL - just nature's magic at its very best.

How to use

Take a full pipette daily under the tongue or drop into water.
Best taken with breakfast.

SERVING SIZE: 1 full pipette


A magical blend of botanical glycerine extracts:

ASHWAGANDHAA fantastic adaptogen which aids your body to cope with stress, supports general wellbeing, brings emotional balance and boosts the libido.

ROSEMARY Great for clearing a fuzzy head, boosting brain function and lifting your  mood.

CHLORELLAA supreme detoxifier which is abundant with wellbeing benefits.

SIBERIAN GINSENG An incredible adaptogen to keep us balanced and stress-free, while energizing and boosting brain function.

GINKGOA great antioxidant to support daily mental wellbeing and cognitive function MACABoosts physical activity, vitality and stamina and great for boosting  and maintaining the libido.