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 Experience the anti-aging, beauty, and healing benefits of this secret oil, which originates from Polynesia and has been used for centuries. This rich, earthy oil is composed of natural constituents of healthy-looking skin and aids in cell proliferation and collagen production, helping to regenerate and repair various skin conditions.

It is reputed to have many therapeutic properties that have the ability to counteract oxidative stress, environmental damage, blemishes, aging, dark spots, hair loss, as well as scars, stretch marks, cellulite, diaper rash, sore joints, and more. In fact, it has been investigated to show cell proliferation, wound healing, and an increase in collagen production by 10-40%.


100% organic Calophyllum inophyllum oil (Tamanu)

A deeply nourishing oil prized for its rich fatty acid content readily available for skin absorption.

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How to use

Apply to areas that need healing, repairing, regenerating and desire a golden glow. Can be used on face to cleanse & moisturize, body, hair, nails, lips, and other areas that need revitalizing.

FACE APPLICATION- Apply directly to the face, neck and upper chest. Delicately massage into the skin until it is fully absorbed.You can also spot treat any area that needs rapid healing.

ALL-OVER GLOW BODY OIL- Apply directly to your skin, preferably right after a shower or bath when your skin is warm as the oil is thick and this will be the smoothest application. Massage into skin until fully absorbed. Can be used before and after sun exposure, as it has a natural SPF between 18-22 from UV rays (not a replacement for sunscreen) Great for the whole family, including baby's diaper rash.

INTENSIVE HAIR MASK- for fuller, thicker, lustrous hair- Saturate hair from root to tip and leave on for a minimum of ten minutes, longer if you are able or ideally overnight in a head wrap. Then wash as usual.

EYELASH & BROW GROWTH- Using your finger, apply to the tips of the eyelashes (top and bottom) along with the entire brow to help stimulate hair growth and make your lashes and brows look more full and youthful. Not recommended for sensitive eyes.

Key Ingredient

Tamanu Oil

Extracted from the nut kernels of the Tamanu fruit, this botanical oil is high in fatty acids. Saturated fatty acids (SFA) are the major constituents (41–52%) with a relatively high proportion of stearic acid (25–35%) and unsaturated fatty acids (18–22%). It also contains a unique fatty acid calophyllic acid and calophyllolides which function as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents along with delta-tocotrienol (a form of Vit E) and several antioxidants.

Several studies have now been conducted into Tamanu oils protective abilities, including one published in 2007 that demonstrated that it had a solar protection factor up to 18-22. The researchers were able to show that even in concentrations as low as 1%, Tamanu oil could protect against 85% of the DNA damage inflicted by the sun.