Ferns and Moss Face Serum

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This rich yet noncomedogenic oil serum is designed to fortify, revitalize, and firm dry, neglected, or wrinkled skin. It was created especially for skin that needs serious nourishing, repair, restructuring, moisture retention, healing, cell regeneration, or detoxing. This deeply yet slowly penetrating formula is particularly well suited for skin that seems to be thoroughly dry into its deep layers, or is mature, wrinkled, prematurely aged, chapped, tight, itchy, or afflicted with dry eczema. In short: if your skin is so dry that nothing works, if your scratches or wounds are just healing, or healing slowly, if your skin cracks or lacks suppleness, body, and firmness, this is the product for you.

We particularly recommend this serum for ages 40 or older. There are no fillers here, just dense, unrefined active ingredients such as andiroba oil and copaiba balsam, both long revered as Amazonian rainforest medicines, along with tamanu oil, seabuckthorn berry, calendula, moringa, and more.