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Electrolyte Powder | Terra Origin


Supports muscle contractions, nerve impulses and cellular energy

Electrolytes are part of a healthy body composition and are essential for our cells and organs to function properly. They balance the amount of water in our system and control our pH levels. This electrolyte mix contains electrically charged minerals that support all of your bodily processes including the nervous system, tissue repair and blood, heart, brain and cellular function. Your electrolyte levels fluctuate with the amount of water in your body, so when you sweat you lose them, but when you eat and drink, you gain them. It is important that the liquid you lose during the day is replaced for your body to continue functioning at its best.

Ingredients & Benefits

CHERRYPURE® Montmorency tart cherries) have Post-exercise recovery properties*

MONK FRUIT Natural non-nutritive sweetener

SODIUM & SODIUM CHLORIDE 200 MG Generates electrical signals in the brain, nervous system and muscles*

POTASSIUM CHLORIDE 99 MG Regulates the heartbeat, muscle function and nervous system*

CALCIUM 50 MG Supports muscle contraction and heart rhythm*

MAGNESIUM 10 MG Protects against muscle cramping and increases muscle stamina*

VITAMIN C 200 MG Flushes lactic acid and boosts collagen production for tissue repair*

ACEROLA BERRY EXTRACT 25.5 MG Defends DNA from oxidative stress and suppresses free radicals*

Who it's for

For those who live in hot climates or put in regular sweat sessions, it is vital to take in more electrolytes to replace those that were lost. This will help you continue your workout or your day with sustainable energy, health and recovery. If your system is running low, you can experience a myriad of problems depending on which mineral is deficient. Symptoms range from muscle cramping, fatigue, spasms or weakness to an irregular heartbeat, blood pressure issues and nervous system disorders.

Along with electrolytes, the body also needs to replenish lost vitamins. That is why Terra Origin added in vitamins B6, B3, B1, B12 and D3. We also blended in monk fruit extract which has been shown to be anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, supports the heart and immune system and reduces fatigue. For an electrolyte blend that addresses all of the body’s needs when losing water and minerals, this electrolyte powder will give you exactly what you want.