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Dry Brush | Pursoma


The ancient ritual. The simple practice of dry brushing is proven to boost beauty + wellness throughout the body.


    Exfoliates & primes skin

    Supports cell renewal & detoxification

    Increased circulationLymphatic drainage

    How it works

    Brush - from the feet and work in a circular upward brushing motion.

    Move upward - to calves and thighs; spend more time on the backs of upper thighs, applying slightly more pressure on this area and the buttocks.

    Proceed to arms - starting from the hands and working up to the shoulders.

    Continue to lower back - (where you can reach), abdomen, chest and upper chest.Follow up - with a pursoma soak.

    Cleaning & Maintenance

    To maintain a long life for your dry brush, never get it wet. To clean, tap on a hard surface to remove debris.

    To sanitize, place your brush once a week in direct sunlight for at least 12 hours.

    Continue to care for your brush this way, and your brush will last up to two years. Please note this is made
    from a natural plant. Discoloration will occur, and dark particles are from the natural seeds of the plant.