DEODORANT SPRAY | Organic Aluminum Free Antiperspirant

Say goodbye to odor and hello to confidence with our organic deodorant spray! Formulated with organic sugar cane alcohol and Saccharomyces ferment, it effectively fights odor-causing bacteria while respecting your body's natural detoxification process. Plus, it dries quickly and won't leave any pesky stains or marks. Enjoy long-lasting odor protection without the use of harmful aluminum and keep your skin's natural pH level intact. You'll smell great and feel even better!

Ethanol *, Lavendula Angustifolia (lavender) flower water*, Glycerin *, Saccharomyces Ferment, Lavandula Angustifolia (lavender) Flower Oil*

*Certified Organic

How to use

Spray under arms as needed for long-lasting odor protection


Key Ingredient

Saccharomyces Ferment

Say hello to your new odor-busting bestie! Saccharomyces Ferment is a natural bacteria-fighting powerhouse that keeps you smelling sweet all day long. With this trusty sidekick on your team, you'll be ready to tackle anything life throws your way - from hot yoga to happy hour and everything in between!