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See New x Diana Ralys

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To boost results, all naturally derived ingredients are paired with biologically active ingredients. The marriage of nature and science enables the products to work effectively without harming the user or environment. Core ingredients include Algae extracts, Hyaluronic Acid, Argan Oil, Oxygen Plasma, natural clays, Rosewater, Aloe and much more. Once products are packaged, Diana, who is also a Reiki Master, performs Reiki to each of them, ensuring that every bottle has a high frequency of love and intention to nurture those using them.

Products featured in The Skincare Box:

  • Charcoal Cleanser - $20 Value
  • Charcoal Microfoliant - $59 Value
  • Hydra Nourishing Gel - $74 Value
  • Specialty Blend Oil - $74 Value