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Beachwood will always champion the style of cup we sought to create when starting Canyon—smooth, balanced, and caramelly. A coffee that's easy to brew at home and hits the spot, every morning. We rotate the origin seasonally, to showcase the coffee at its best.

The Experience: Beachwood holds a lot of meaning to us. The name comes from Beachwood Canyon in Los Angeles, the canyon where we—Ally and Casey—met back in 2013. A place known for its vibrant energy and the creative people it attracts, Beachwood was a place of great growth for us both. Nestled above the noise of the city, it was a place where we felt grounded, inspired, and where great relationships thrived.


Origin: Mexico

Region: Oaxaca

Process: Washed


We Taste:  Caramel, milk chocolate, & orange peel

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