Ambrosia do Cerrado Liquid Moisturizer

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A liquid emulsion-type moisturizer that hydrates, plumps, and brightens combination to oily skin types without clogging the pores. No emulsifier or essential oils have been added, making it suitable for the most sensitive skin. With an irresistible guava-plus-citrus scent, Ambrosia do Cerrado feels like applying brightening yellow dewdrops that are fully charged with unrefined, whole-food nutrients from the superfood buriti, pequi, and moringa oils. The formula is truly nourishing, yet ultra-light and breathable at the same time, delivering a bright, radiant glow and lots of moisture without a waxy, heavy, or overly emollient feel. This format is very appealing for the times when the skin is dehydrated but you don't want oil or an emulsion (lotion or cream) on your face because you prefer a lighter feel.