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Aloha Youth Serum


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A luminous serum made with a select blend of hawaiian botanicals and enriched with bakuchiol - a plant-derived retinol alternative. Designed to hydrate, smooth, brighten and tighten; this carefully curated blend will boost skin’s immunity by providing the nutrients needed for a youthful glow. A unique formula that penetrates easily into skin delivering concentrated nutrition, leaving skin fresh and dewy. Aloha youth serum's texture is creamy and luminous but not oily. For our professional spas, We recently began offering Aloha Youth Serum in a Back Bar Size of 4oz which should last you 40-50 treatments, based on our estimates. PROFESSIONAL SIZES ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR RETAIL SALE. They are only for your usage in treatments as a professional esthetician. Please do not list them for sale anywhere.

100% pure — distilled from the leaves and twigs of the New Zealand Mānuka Tree