This Month's Box

C'Nu x Diana Ralys

C'Nu is partnering with Diana Ralys Wellness Spa to deliver a five star spa and wellness experience to your doorstep! Indulge in the natural luxury Diana Ralys has to offer!

Charcoal Cleanser

$20 Value

Always start your skin care routine with a cleanser. Cleansing is a very important and often misunderstood part of a healthy skin care routine. No, make-up wipes or any wipes are not a proper way to cleanse the skin. Your skin is complex and it needs natural ingredients to help it thrive. Non-drying gel cleanser for all skin types. Charcoal Cleanser is the perfect cleanser for those prone to break-outs and are on the oilier side of the spectrum. Although, all skin types can benefits from Charcoal Cleanser. Activated charcoal starts the detoxing process and keeps skin clear of imperfections.

Charcoal Microfoliant

$59 Value

Exfoliation is KEY to healthy, youthful, glowing skin. A unique blend of fruit enzymes and Apple AHAs dissolves impurities in the pores. Activated Charcoal detoxifies skin. Fine walnut shell crystals physically polish off the aged skin. Antibacterial essential oils make this perfect for oily and acne-prone skin. Broccoli oil naturally brightens skin, reduce signs of hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Using Charcoal Microfoliant on a regular basis will visibly reduce congested pores and revive silky smooth texture to the skin.

Hydra Nourishing Gel

$74 Value

Thoroughly hydrated skin instantly looks younger. Hydra Nourishing Gel is ideal for all skin types to bring deep hydration into the skin. Applying morning and night you will see visible results as well how your skin feels. Pure Aloe penetrates the skin seven layers deep (unlike water, that only penetrates about two laters). Tomato Seed Oil is loaded with carotenoid antioxidants and is an abundant source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, phytosterols and minerals keeping our skin rich and nourished. Natural oils are essential for our skin. We are not oil free, and neither should our skin care products. Tomato Seed Oil will keep you skin moisturized without being greasy.

Specialty Blend Oil

$74 Value

Miracle oil designed with every skin in mind. Small particle oil combination allows for deep penetration to work within the dermis layers of the skin. Nourish mature skin, control oily/combo skin, replenish dry skin and so much more. As stated before, we are not oil free which is why we should be using oils in our skin care routine daily. When oil is applied topically it sends a signal to your skin that it does not need to produce as much oil, therefore for oily skin this is an instant trick to keep your skin balanced. For more mature or dehydrated skin, oils quickly soak into the skin and replenish the cells for optimal cell regeneration.

You're The Face Of C'Nu

By putting you on the C'Nu box we want to call attention to the beauty that exists in each and every one of you. We do not focus on the typical world standards of beauty, instead we focus on how you view yourself. There is beauty inside each and everyone of us it just needs to be explored!

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