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See New Self-Love

We believe beauty is about showing yourself Self-Love. Beauty is not about altering your already stunning appearance it is about accentuating your natural beauty and enhancing your self-confidence.

The See New Journey

The See New journey is simple we look to help you See New perspective, See New reality, and See New confidence. Loving yourself is your journey and we are here for you!

Meet the Founders


My goal with starting a business, simply to make an IMPACT! A large portion of the beauty industry has shaped both women and men and taught them that they should look and feel a certain way. However, I believe EVERYONE is beautiful... simple as that. I want to create a business with the goal of accentuating everyone’s natural beauty, not something that covered it up. That’s what See New is to me and I am so excited to continue growing this amazing community with you!

— Brynaea Gabriel



Growing up with a single mom who did everything in her power to provide for myself and my sister was amazing. She was always dedicated to providing the best for us both no matter the sacrifice. When I left for college I knew that I was on a mission to create a positive change and impact the world through my passion of business. I knew that I wanted to have a positive impact on women and help empower those who are the cornerstone of our society. I believe that the insecurities placed on women are truly devastating and See New looks to continue growing into a leading company in the beauty industry that moves to create a positive message and not a message of negativity bringing people down.

— Austin Trefts


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