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About Us

Meet Bryn

Bryn & Austin met in the fall of 2017 in college and fell in love but also quickly realized their mutual love for a simple, yet refined lifestyle.

Co-founders Bryn & Austin are known for their curatorial lens, impeccable taste, and exacting standards. The two masterfully curate an immersive experience for their consumer, primarily focusing on female-founded, clean skincare brands. Clean beauty brands are ground zero for what’s happening in skincare. If a brand finds its way into a See New box, it is definitely a product worthy of consideration. 

When a focus on inner health is partnered with life-giving ingredients, radiance and vibrant health are inevitable. See New's ethos is reflected in every aspect of their brand, as they believe that true and lasting transformation starts from within. When a focus on inner health is partnered with life-giving ingredients, radiance and vibrant health are inevitable.

"See New is the best version of us and an expression of everything we love."

See New is for the women who comes home from a long day of work and just wants the night to herself. See New is for the men who don’t know where to start in their skincare routine. It’s for the college students who want to splurge on themselves but don’t want to break the bank. It’s for the mom who just had her baby and is looking for cleaner ingredients that she can trust. See New is for everyone.

Meet Austin

Something needed to change, and we knew we had a different perspective on the wellness industry that we could bring to life. Skincare can be simple. It can be made naturally with real plants and botanicals. It can make a difference in how you see yourself. It can EMPOWER you.
So we created See New. We’ve been obsessed with it ever since talking about it as a dream in college. Today each box is still hand-packaged by our two founders in Denver, CO. We’re so proud to be constantly creating something you can feel good about putting on your skin.