Who we are

Bryn & Austin met in the fall of 2017 in college and fell in love but also quickly realized their mutual love for a simple, yet refined lifestyle.

Founders of See New Skincare Austin and Brynaea smiling outside
Founder of See New Skincare Bryn Gabriel

We wanted a better self-care routine.

It all started in Sephora. We were browsing the isles, and they had it all. I mean really, there was something for everyone! However. Big however.

We could maybe afford half an eye serum at the time, let alone a full routine! It felt so unreasonable to spend that much money on ourselves at the time, but felt strongly that wellness should be apart of your everyday and should never have to compromise your paycheck to feel so. 

"See New is the best version of us and an expression of everything we love."

See New is for the women who comes home from a long day of work and just wants the night to herself. See New is for the men who don’t know where to start in their skincare routine. It’s for the college students who want to splurge on themselves but don’t want to break the bank. It’s for the mom who just had her baby and is looking for cleaner ingredients that she can trust. See New is for everyone.

See New Skincare box packaging
Founder of See New Skincare Austin Trefts

Something needed to change, and we knew we had a different perspective on the wellness industry that we could bring to life. Skincare can be simple. It can be made naturally with real plants and botanicals. It can make a difference in how you see yourself. It can EMPOWER you. 

So we created See New. We’ve been obsessed with it ever since talking about it as a dream in Sephora. Today each box is still hand-packaged by our two founders in Denver, CO. We’re so proud to be constantly creating something you can feel good about putting on your skin.

Committed to Giving Back

See New is everything it says. Being able to see yourself in a new light. To unlock full potential. To see your true beauty and accentuate it, not cover it up. We are committed to helping others see new, beyond skincare. We are beyond grateful and in love with all the opportunities that have come our way and will always have a commitment to paying those forward. Our first year of See New, we partnered with a truly amazing organization, one that is deeply close to our hearts, Dress For Success.

Giving back and holding the hand of the community

We strongly believe in creating a stronger foundation for women. See New partners with such amazing female-founded brands and wanted to give back to a similar community. For our first year, for each subscription that was purchased, we gave a box to a lovely woman in the DFS community.

By the end of our first year, See New was able to donate hundreds of boxes with your help, amongst other donations. It was the first time many had ever tried any clean beauty, and it was so fulfilling.

Since then, we have decided to continue to select new charities/nonprofits to donate to, and will always be a foundation in See New.

These are a few of the charitable organizations we support:

Dress For Success
Pride Foundation
Australian Red Cross