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Hi we're Bryn & Austin!

It was love at first sight, when Bryn and Austin met at college in 2017. Together they realized their mutual love for a simple yet refined lifestyle through a holistically elevated leanse. 

While in college, the two found it difficult to find skincare that was effective and clean. There was the readily available green washed products you may find at CVS but few and far between when looking for products that contained ingredients we could pronounce.  

In the spring of 2018 the two moved to Southeast Asia for an extended time and connected with local companies in the region who had a traditional Eastern focus on beauty. They learned about the power of plants and natures resources and how they could be harnessed to create uncompromised beauty. 

Taking this inspiration, See New was born. A company focused on elevating everyday life through intentional ritual. The two masterfully curate an immersive experience focusing on female-founded, clean skincare brands. 

All products that find themselves into the thoughtfully curated selection at See New is intentional crafted with passion and harnessing natures power. 

Our hope is these products, whether it is your daily double cleanse, your favorite serum or that Lion’s Mane tincture that keeps you sharp all day, elevate your daily life.