About Us

In 2011 I was faced with tragedy when my father was diagnosed and would later pass away from cancer. This event was incredibly hard on both my sister and I, however, my mother was faced with the reality of loosing her husband of twenty years. But, through this event I saw my incredible mom continue to fight on, her smile never stopped, her encouragement never ended, and her friendship was always faithful as she looked to provide my sister and I a "normal" life.

As the months turned into years my mother continued to show her strength and grit, though I could never comprehend just how difficult this time was for her. She would never let this trial effect how she treated my sister and I and she never stopped encouraging us. She truly was a selfless leader simply looking to give a better life to everyone around her.

Once I got a little older my mother and I would have deeper and deeper conversations. She would open up about her struggles with self-worth and self-image. She would describe to me times where she did not feel adequate and times that she was so down it was hard to smile. One of her largest trials was dealing with the aging from stress. She didn’t feel beautiful and she had a hard time waking up with confidence and approaching her life in a positive way because she did not want to be seen. At this time I knew that I wanted to make a change in not only my mothers life but also other women and moms around the world!

As more time passed, I decided to move to Los Angeles, California and get a change of pace and grow into my next chapter. While I was driving out to my new home I decided to take time to reflect. The past several years had been a blur and I wanted to know how I got to the opportunities before me. As I drove in my car through the Arizona dessert I burst into tears. I realized behind all the amazing opportunity I had before me was a loving, self-less, and caring mom. At that time my passion for empowering my mom and all the other women in the world!

This is how the WHY for See New was first born. I wanted a company and a brand dedicated to helping women realize their value, natural beauty, and true worth. No matter the person or the background I wanted all women to know their value and true impact that they have on their friends, family, and community!

The meaning of See New is personal and stands for the ability for women to not change but instead to See themselves in a New way. Now I just needed to determine a way HOW to deliver this message. When researching the beauty industry I found an issue that I wanted to solve. The beauty industry sells women a quick fix, a way to hide insecurities, and if all else fails an unrealistic “beauty standard” to strive for. But, there is never a message of self empowerment, natural accentuation of beauty, or self love.

Instead of providing products that mask natural beauty, See New looks to help accentuate your true beauty through the use of incredible luxurious skincare. All products we feature are cruelty-free, chemical free, and sustainably sourced. Our subscription looks to give you access to the top female powered skincare companies in the world at the best possible price. Our mission then becomes a reality, allowing you to create a positive self-perspective, in order to see a positive reality, and increased self-confidence. Thus, See New Perspective, See New Reality, See New Confidence!

However, we also look to push positivity to those outside of our community and we have partnered with the incredible international women’s organization Dress for Success. This organization is dedicated to empowering women leaving poverty and the prison system, giving them access to business counseling, professional attire, and self-care. With Dress for Success we look to help empower these amazing women and we donate a subscription for every subscription purchased!

I am so excited to welcome you to the See New community and I am looking forward to seeing you See New Perspective, See New Reality, and See New Confidence one box at a time:)

-Austin Trefts


Austin Trefts - Co-Founder

Brynaea Gabriel - Co-Founder