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For All Skin Types

This unique product helps achieve smooth, vibrant skin by removing dead skin cells that clog pores and form blackheads. Exfoliating regularly improves skin’s elasticity and its ability to absorb moisture and retain the rich nutrients found in each one of our serums.


    The various active ingredients in this formulation are ideal for healing, nourishing and softening the skin.


    • Softens & balances the skin’s complexion

    • Brightens the skin’s natural tone

    • Prevents blackheads and clogged pores

    • Helps to regenerate and renew the skin

    • Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots

    How to use

    After cleansing with Skin Essence Organics facial cleanser (Pure or Fresh), mix approx. 1 tsp of powder with 1 to 2 tsp of water and gently massage onto skin in a small circular motion. Relax for 2 to 3 minutes, (optional) reapplying water as necessary to keep the mask hydrated, and then rinse.

    Apply theSkin Essence Organics facial moisturizer of your choice.

    For optimum freshness, keep the product dry until time of use.


    TIP #1: For those with normal to dry skin, we suggest keeping the mask moist with water or our oils, so that the clays do not dry on the face. Adding a couple pumps of our facial moisturizers is also a great option for extra benefits and hydration.

    Tip #2: Apply Facial In A Jar to your skin just before having a shower (leave on during your shower). The warm steam will help to keep the mask moist and will open the pores of the skin, allowing the organic, herbal ingredients to better soothe and soften your face.

    Why is it powder?

    Because there’s no added water, you get twice as much product, just add your own water!

    The more water you mix with the powder the softer/lighter the exfoliation is, so our unique exfoliant can be customized perfectly to your specific skin preferences and needs.

    No water means your product will stay fresh much longer and no synthetic preservatives are needed.


    Oat Powder*, Marshmallow Root Powder*, Jasmine Flowers*, White Kaolin Clay, Stevia Leaf Powder*, Corn Meal*, Green Tea Extract.

    *Certified Organic

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    Key ingredients


    The organic oats used in this
    unique herbal formulation help
    to soften the skin's texture. Oats
    also offer excellent soothing

    Marshmallow Root

    Marshmallow root naturally
    contains high levels of many
    vitamins and minerals. It also
    has wonderful softening and
    calming effects for the skin that
    are ideal for soothing
    inflammation, blemishes, and
    healing the skin.

    Jasmine Flowers

    Jasmine oil has a naturally
    smooth floral scent that is both
    sweet and lingering. It is well
    known for its calming and
    soothing properties.