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rainbo mushroom tinctures



Rainbo Mushrooms

Rainbo Mushrooms is more than just a functional mushroom company. Rainbo is on a mission to upgrade humanity with fungi! Rainbo believes that our partnership with fungi is vital to the long-term health and harmony of people and planet. Rainbo Mushrooms' vision is for a global economy that uses business as a force for good, and Rainbo is proud to be a B Corporation that creates benefits for all stakeholders.

As a Certified B Corporation, Rainbo is part of an emerging economy that puts purpose first. Rainbo believes that all businesses should be conducted as if people and the environment mattered. Rainbo aspires to do no harm and benefit all, acting with the understanding that we are each dependent upon one another and responsible for future generations.

Rainbo is a proud Canadian mushroom company that creates supplements and educates on the power and potential of fungi. Rainbos' core belief is that plants, food, and fungi are needed for the evolution of body, mind, and consciousness. With Rainbo products, they optimize health and open minds, inspiring people to reconnect with the innate wisdom of nature.

Rainbo Mushrooms was founded by Tonya Papanikolov, a holistic nutritionist, educator, social entrepreneur, and wellness leader. Tonya has been foraging for mushrooms in Canadian forests for years and learning about longevity and the power of food as medicine for the past 15 years. Her passion for optimization, healing, and living well into our 100s inspired her to start Rainbo and expand mushroom consciousness on our planet at this time.

Rainbo Mushrooms is about more than just mushrooms and health. It's about having fun, getting into nature, and connecting with it. It's about changing your mind, opening your eyes, and expanding your heart. It's a feeling, a lifestyle, a vibe. Every batch of Rainbo products is infused with love, energy, and healing intention, ensuring that you get the best quality and potency.

At Rainbo, they wholeheartedly believe in the super-power of mushrooms and adaptogens to expand, transform, and uplift body, mind, and being. Rainbo believes in the potential of functional mushrooms to alchemize us and our planet, and we want to share that potential with you.

Fungi are some of the oldest organisms on our planet, forming symbiotic relationships with the plants, environment, and people that partner with them. The Fungi kingdom has been referred to as the earth's immune system, conferring adaptive advantages to trees, plants, and all existence relying on the underground network stemming from healthy forests and soils.

Rainbo Mushrooms is on a mission to make mushrooms part of your everyday wellness regime. At Rainbo, they're purveyors of mushroom nutrition and a super-mushroom lifestyle. Rainbo mushrooms are cultivated in Canada to ensure quality, potency, and respect for our environment. Rainbo carefully source our Chaga from the Canadian wild, and our mushrooms are harvested at the fruiting body stage to ensure maximum benefits.

Rainbo Mushrooms is not just another mushroom company. They're a brand with a vision, a mission, and a passion for health, wellness, and longevity. Rainbo's commitment to the environment, to their customers, and to the planet is what sets them apart. Try Rainbo Mushrooms today, and experience the power of fungi for yourself!