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Oio Lab

At Oio Lab, the focus is on using natural, organic ingredients that have been carefully selected from forests and oceans around the world. These ingredients are then combined with advanced clinical formulations to produce products that are not only effective but also kind to the planet. The result is a range of skincare products that are both gentle and powerful.

One of the key things that sets Oio Lab apart is their commitment to traditional wisdom. They believe that there is nothing more powerful than nature, and they are inspired to discover the truths behind traditional wisdom and combine it with modern science to capture its benefits within each of their products. For example, Tibetan medicine has used apricot kernels to treat skin inflammations for centuries, while Eastern cultures have used sandalwood for its calming properties. Oio Lab is dedicated to unlocking the potential of these natural ingredients and using them to create effective skincare solutions.

But Oio Lab doesn’t stop there. They also use innovative processes, like enzymatic extraction and supercritical fluid extraction, to ensure that their ingredients have the highest purity and maximum potency. This dedication to quality and effectiveness is reflected in the clinical trials they conduct on their products. Each product is formulated and scientifically tested in their laboratories to offer high-quality treatments that actually work.

And it’s not just the products themselves that make Oio Lab stand out. The brand is also committed to sustainable and ethical practices. They use 100% recyclable packaging, and they work closely with suppliers who share their values of environmental and social responsibility.

Oio Lab was founded by Joanna Ryglewicz in 2018. Joanna’s background in law led her to develop a passion for skincare and the science behind pharmaceutical skincare brands. This passion eventually led her to create her own skincare line, which she started mixing by hand and giving to friends. Today, Oio Lab products are created in-house by a team of certified chemists in cooperation with departments of leading life sciences and medical universities.

What we love about Oio Lab is their commitment to quality, effectiveness, and sustainability. Their products are gentle yet powerful, and they are made with ingredients that have been carefully selected for their efficacy. And with their focus on traditional wisdom and cutting-edge science, you can trust that every Oio Lab product is designed to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin.