Luna Nectar

On the hunt for hair care that packs a potent punch, Luna Nectar is here to take your hair to the next level. Luna Nectar's goal is to bring your hair and scalp back to their healthiest state, all while being conscious of our impact on the environment. Luna Nectar is rooted in the belief that like the moon, your hair has cycles of growth and rest.

Luna Nectar is flipping the script on the haircare industry. With on-the-go haircare for serotonin rushes and adaptable tonics for balancing your health, their topical potions are as good and pure as nectar for your scalp and hair wellness.

Dermatologist-tested and trichologist-approved, Luna Nectar adheres to the highest standards of lab testing in the beauty industry. They believe in tackling the root cause and restoring stressed-out hair and skin without the use of harmful ingredients. Say goodbye to pesky false fragrances, dyes, fillers, sulphites, prostaglandins, or nanoparticles. Luna Nectar's commitment to transparency means they offer complete ingredient lists, so you can feel good about what you're putting in your hair.

Innovation is at the heart of what Luna Nectar does. They are the first-ever water-free hair serum company, innovating the first water-free lash, brow, and hair density serums, all with the mission to reduce their water footprint. Luna Nectar's formulations are waterless, which not only reduces unnecessary water usage but also allows the products to be more effective and potent. By 2025, two-thirds of our planet will be experiencing water stress, and Luna Nectar is proud to lead the charge in innovative, waterless haircare.

Luna Nectar's story started with a search for a natural and clean lash and brow-enhancing formula. After seeing family members and friends use chemical serums and eyelash extensions that came with harmful side effects, they knew there was a void in the market. And so, Luna Nectar's team created the first-ever natural, clean waterless lash and brow enhancing formula.

Luna Nectar believes in following the science, using naturally-occurring actives that make up most of each formula. You'll see the active ingredients on the top of their ingredient lists. No unnecessary fillers or false fragrances, every drop is as good as nectar for your hair and skin.

Founder, Mia, suffered from many allergies, skin conditions, and constant fatigue at a young age. Growing up in a household that emphasized Eastern herbal medicine and the connections between diet, mind, exercise, and body, Mia was able to heal her maladies with these techniques. After reaching a tipping point and revisiting the remedies of her ancestral roots, Luna Nectar was born.

Luna Nectar's mission goes beyond haircare. They're founded on the principle of a streamlined back-to-the-roots lifestyle while maintaining quality and authenticity. They cherish minimalism and outspokenness. They love uncomplicated yet effective rituals. Luna Nectar strives to empower the appreciation of inner beauty and strength while providing natural solutions to enhance and radiate.

Luna Nectar is more than just a haircare brand; they're here to inspire a holistic approach to wellness, embracing our connection to nature and appreciating the beauty of simplicity. With their clinically-tested transparency and natural, vegan, and cruelty-free solutions, they aim to set a new standard in the beauty industry.