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When it comes to men's personal care, we believe that it should be more than just a routine. At Jackfir, they understand the importance of clean skincare for men and the impact it has on not only our bodies but also the environment. Jackfir strives to provide responsible personal care tools that are EWG certified and informed by nature, so you can make informed choices that benefit you and the planet.

Founder, Charlie, embarked on a journey to create Jackfir during his leukemia treatment. It was then that he realized the significant impact of environmental toxins and industrial pollution on our everyday lives. Charlie's realization inspired the creation of Jackfir, a brand that offers highly certified clean personal care tools.

Jackfir believes that a holistic approach to personal care is crucial to your overall well-being. That's why Jackfir products are thoughtfully botanical, combining powerhouse ingredients and subtle scents to create an experience that is not only high-quality and effective but also free of harsh, unnatural ingredients. At Jackfir, they prioritize your health and the environment by choosing only the cleanest and safest ingredients.

Jackfir understands the confusion that comes with reading ingredient lists, which is why Jackfir is proud to be EWG certified. This certification means that our products are independently evaluated and verified for their ingredient safety and environmental impact. You can rest easy knowing that Jackfir products are free from harmful chemicals, and you can focus on what really matters - taking care of yourself.

Jackfir is inspired by exploration, and they want to help you discover the benefits of clean personal care. With Jackfir's daily facial cleanser, shave cream, face wash, and moisturizer, you can elevate your personal care routine while making a positive impact on the environment.