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henua skincare products with their packaging boxes


Henua, where natural beauty and luxury go hand in hand. Henua skincare products are formulated using only the most potent, active botanical ingredients, and nothing more. They don't use any water or fillers, just the purest, most effective ingredients nature offers. Hennua strongly believes in the future of waterless beauty providing more effective and potent products.

Henua believes that true beauty comes from within, and that's why they've harnessed the power of Scandinavian nature to bring you skincare that makes you look good and feel good too. Henua products are made using ingredients sourced from the cleanest and most potent Nordic forests, including birch sap, berries, and plant extracts.

Henua knows that traditional skincare ingredient lists can be confusing and hard to understand, so we've made it our mission to keep things simple and transparent. They print all of their ingredient names in plain English on our packaging, so you know exactly what you're putting on your skin. For example, Henua is proud that 98% of their Beautifying Toner is of natural origin, with the remaining 2% being preservatives that are approved for eco-certified products.

They also believe in the power of organic farming, which is why Henua sources many of their ingredients from organic farms. Organic ingredients provide even more potent results for your skin in the form of more powerful nutrients and are better for the environment. Some of their ingredients are even beyond traditional organic farming, like their wild lingonberry seed oil that's derived from wild lingonberries, no farming is needed whatsoever.

But, that's not all. Henua products are waterless, which means that we don't water down the effect of nature. Instead, we ensure the most potent formula possible. Henua doesn't compromise on performance, sustainability, or efficacy, and neither should you.

Henua takes sustainability seriously, and that's why their products are wrapped in packaging that's created out of re-recycled cardboard. And, their products come in glass containers to avoid plastic waste. As Finns, recycling is part of their DNA, and a mere 1% of waste in Finland goes to landfills.

Henua believes that beauty should be accessible to everyone, and that's why they've made it their mission to create a range of face and body care that pays homage to simple Nordic luxury and ecological standards without compromising an ounce of efficacy. Henua wants to offer you a holistic experience to the senses, beauty inside and out.

So experience the Henua difference for yourself. Their glowing sap and miracle oil formulations will leave you with beautiful, nourished skin that radiates health and happiness. Try their oil cleanse, beautifying toner, or any of their other products and discover the true power of natural beauty.