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Activist Manuka

Looking for the best Manuka honey brand for your health and skincare needs? Look no further than Activist Manuka! As the premier retailer of this miracle honey, we’re proud to bring you the most potent and deliciously pure Manuka honey from New Zealand.

Activist Manuka honey is the gold standard in raw, organic honey that's harvested sustainably from the Mānuka bush by bees in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Unlike other honey brands, Activist's Manuka honey is wildcrafted during a short seasonal window in the spring and summer. This makes it a truly rare and special resource that’s packed with considerably higher levels of enzymes and antibacterial properties than other honey.

Why choose Manuka honey? The answer is simple - Manuka honey is one of the most unique and beneficial forms of honey in the world! Researchers have found that Manuka honey has a considerably higher level of enzymes than regular honey, making it a natural powerhouse when it comes to health and skincare. Activists' Manuka honey has an active agent known as Methylglyoxal (MGO), which creates a natural hydrogen peroxide that works as an antibacterial. The literature is clear - Manuka honey benefits are many and varied.

One of the best Manuka honey benefits is that it’s wonderful for supporting the natural digestive microbiome. Manuka contains oligosaccharides, which have a prebiotic effect on the gut and promote the proliferation of good flora. Plus, the high antioxidant content in the Manuka honey has been found to be effective in treating gastric and peptic ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, dyspepsia, GERD, Staph infections, food poisoning, and more. So, go ahead and eat Activists' honey by the spoonful daily!

Manuka honey has also been proven to have efficacy against antibiotic-resistant microbes, making it a great way to rid your body of those pesky pathogens and promote healing both internally and externally. When you're feeling under the weather, it can improve sore throats, help soothe coughs, and improve common cold symptoms. Manuka also helps people with acute sinus problems and allergies.

But that’s not all - Manuka honey has extraordinary healing properties for skin conditions too! It can reduce redness and heal congested or inflamed skin such as eczema or psoriasis. Additionally, Manuka can be used for its antibacterial properties on the skin by oxygenating pores, which can draw out or reduce the amount of bacteria on blemishes. This can drastically improve acne-prone skin. You can use Activist Manuka Honey as an everyday face wash, direct spot treatment on acne or make a face mask and leave it on for a set amount of time.

Living in a toxic, environmentally polluted world, we are subjected to toxins left and right. It is almost impossible to avoid absorbing them. This is why we must take extra care of our skin. These toxins that are present in the environment become prevalent and visible on our skin. Luckily, Activist Manuka honey is magical at repairing skin damage. It promotes skin regeneration, repairs cellular damage and lessens scarring. Just lather it on wherever you need it and watch your skin transform.

Studies have also shown that the MGO found in Activist Manuka honey can increase and protect the production of collagen in the skin, promoting structural growth and regrowth. Manuka's amino acids harmonize perfectly with the pH balance of our skin, helping us age gracefully. It is also extremely hydrating for the skin, helping to retain moisture, which is an important part of preventing and reducing fine lines. So, make sure to add Activist Manuka honey to your daily skincare routine, both internally and externally.

In essence, choosing Activist Manuka means choosing a brand that is dedicated to providing premium quality, genuine, raw Mānuka Honey and Mānuka Oil that is sustainably harvested, ethically produced, and independently tested and certified.

At See New, we take pride in offering our customers pure, potent, and natural products that are not only good for their health but also good for the environment. Activists' commitment to preserving the integrity of the land and the Mānuka Bush ensures that future generations can also benefit from this precious resource. So why not experience the many benefits of Mānuka Honey and Mānuka Oil for yourself?