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Your Box: 3 Ways

Your Box: 3 Ways

 Our favorite tips & tricks for incorporating Honua x See New into your everyday ritual. 


1. Polish + Nourish + Protect ( Hibiscus Beauty Booster + Malu)

If you have some of your TBG Gold Scrub & Dirty Lamb Cleansing Oil remaining (if you’re new to See New, they are both available as past boxes) this one's for you! 

You all know I love a good cleansing oil, and will always use one in the morning. This winter, I mastered keeping my skin hydrated & plump as if it were 70 & sunny outside. Here's how I incorporate Honua:

Add a tiny amount of the Gold scrub into your palm, and mix in 3 pumps of the cleansing oil. Massage in an upwards motion in your face. Rinse. Your skin should feel and look dewy. While your skin is still wet (this is important), apply a mixture of the Hibiscus Booster + your favorite facial oil into your skin. I like using a pea sized drop of the booster, and about 2 large drops of facial oil. I often find that my products penetrate easier and are more effective when my skin is damp. Do what works for you. 

Finish with 1 pump of Malu, and massage into your skin. If it starts to pill on your skin, this is a sign that you used too much. 


2. A Night Out (Mahealani Moonlit Balm + Lihau Face Mist)

I’ve never mastered the "no makeup" makeup look (though as someone who works in the beauty industry, I realize that’s rather absurd), and on any given day (especially Saturday and Sunday), you’ll find me completely barefaced. Recently when going out with my friends, or date night with Austin, I’ve found myself not reaching for makeup at all. When I am out on the town, here’s what my routine consists of: 


-I apply Mahealani balm on all the areas i want to have an extra “bounce” to them. I like adding it to my cheekbones, lips, décolletage as well wrists & neck. 

-I’ll always use a little bit of body oil before leaving the house on areas that are showing. Typically legs, neck, and arms. You can mix 1 drop of the Hibiscus Beauty Booster in for an additional antioxidant boost.

-Last but certainly not least, finish with Līhau Face Mist! If you are rocking the makeup look, set your face with Līhau to hold in your makeup while giving glow. 


3. Beauty BOOST (Hibiscus Beauty Booster)

Honua’s newest addition to their line, the Hibiscus Beauty Booster. Kapua (their founder) is magic when it comes creating formulas designed for maximum results. The beauty of the Hibiscus Booster is that it can really be tailored to how you like to use it. This formula truly makes your skin look like glass, when used consistently. Below I’ve laid out tips on how to use it in your daily routine.

-Massage 2 potent pumps into clean, WET skin, morning and night, immediately after cleansing.

-Treat the delicate eye contour to hydrate, and plump.

-Blend or layer with the Mahealani Moonlit Glow Balm for amplified results.

-Mix with your favorite facial oil/serum (Honua recommends using a water based serum) to maximize hydration and seal it in.



As always, do what works for YOU. Let us know in the comments if you love using Honua a different way! 


Will try mixing gold & cleansing oil. Sounds luxurious.

I just recieved my box and am loving the beauty booster. Thanks for the tips!

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