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Why we created a subscription.

Why we created a subscription.

Hi guys! Bryn & Austin here. Let’s talk subscriptions.

Our idea behind See New was to see yourself in a new way through the use of skincare. No more covering up flaws or shying away from your true self, we want to accentuate natural beauty and empower you.... we want you to See New if you will. 

Now, as we looked at the skincare industry and the subscription industry, we wanted to make some key changes so that we could truly empower the user but also empower the incredible brands we work with and continue to feature in the box! Let's discuss below

1. Sample sizes. This was a huge one for us, there is no way you can tell how a product works for your skin type, using a tester size. See New is a skincare service to help you discover new products that you love, and will use beyond that! A tester simply doesn’t do the job. This bring us to our next point...

2. Bi-monthly. Again, it is difficult to see how a product will preform for your skin within a month, not to mention product overload. Your self-care journey is on your schedule and we want to make sure you aren't rushed!

3. Brand focused. This is broken down into two parts, the first one being focused completely on the brand. We want you to be fully IMMERSED in the brand you are discovering! No distractions. We love small business and want to give a platform to artisan brands that deserve it!

The second part is something we typically don’t talk about, but the marketing that we do for our brands, is unmatched to say the least. We leave every brand we work with, visuals for their own marketing, a guide on how to elevate their brand marketing, and so much more. We love the brands that we work with, and without them, we aren’t us.

The goal is to make sure all parties are left feeling EMPOWERED.

4. Flexibility. The most frustrating part of having a subscription is not knowing when it will process, or having difficulty of canceling/pausing. Trust us, we know this well (we’re looking at you Amazon Audible cancellation policy lol).

We want our incredible customer base to be able to subscribe to See New, and have the ease of knowing that you can cancel when you need to, you can pause it when they need to, or even switch between membership options. We want it to be easy and all about you.... it's your discovery after all! 

5. Options. The Essentials is one of our favorite ideas we launched this year. The idea behind it was for the minimalist, and heavily inspired by Austin’s skincare routine. Also perfect for those who still want to get the box while avoiding product overload.

Millions of products get thrown out every year due to expiration, not being used, etc. We do not want to contribute to product waste, therefor the Essentials was born.

6. Product made for you. We feel like this is not talked about enough. The amount of subscription boxes that make money from selling brands’ expired/out of season products are through the ROOF! We would never, and we will never.

Each brand that we work with, goes into production about 2-3 months before the partnership, to ensure peak potency and freshness. For example, our Nov/Dec brand just finished production and are in the midst of packing everything to ship to us! Quality over everything. 

7. Pricing. We will always have the best price on the market. Pinky promise. 


We took some of your most asked questions from our IG story and wanted to answer them here for you - 

Q: What is your favorite subscription other than your own?

A: We do love Winc, we paused our subscription as we’re doing 70 hard but we’re big fans of the wine subscriptions out there.

Our other favorite subscription is the Superhuman app, so not totally sure if that counts or not. It’s a meditation app and they have everything from cooking meditations, to walking meditations. It’s been a real game changer, we use it everyday. 


Q: What have been some of your favorite discoveries from your box?

A: We try to not pick favorites but these are all products that are often in rotation in our bathroom: Honua Mahealani Glow Balm, Skin Essence Facial in a Jar, Skin Essence Rosehip Seed Oil, Rain Organica Light Mist, Aster Raine Reverse Serum, Forest Rhapsody Barrier Warrior, Dirty Lamb Cleansing Oil, and Dirty Lamb Lip Scrub. 


Q: What’s next for See New?

A: We would love to do a pop up in 2022 and meet some of you! We also want to expand our online store with the brands that we feature. We’re really proud of who we work with, and want to continue giving that opportunity to emerging brands.


We can’t wait for you to See New. We love hearing from you! Send us a dm or email if you have any questions or just want to chat with us!


Such a delightful read this is. You guys really are a great discovery!

Great article on why you started See New. I just wanted to say that you are achieving your goals. I follow several subscription websites and love to see your name listed when people ask about their favorite boxes. I enjoy discovering new brands that are focused on clean ingredients at an amazing price. Excited to see what you two have in store for us.

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