What your body is trying to tell you?

What your body is trying to tell you?

Is your body nutrient deficient? This is the very question I’ve been asking myself a lot recently while facing my own health challenges. Over the past several months, I have been forced to take a step back to understand the impacts of stress, food, and the environment have on my health. 

Diving deep into the topic, I’ve studied up on the work of amazing nutritionists such as Dr. Eric Berg, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Will Cole and many others who are experts in the field. 

As someone who works in skincare, I care greatly for how products work for various skin types allowing people to see the results they are craving. 

But, something we often skip over is how nutritional deficiencies have a direct impact on our skin. This could be anything such as gut issues, not eating enough of the right foods or the food isn’t nutrient rich, or consuming too many carbs.

These are some very common nutrient deficiencies and possible solutions to consider. 

Oily Skin - If you don’t normally have oily skin and you're experiencing shinier than normal skin, one possibility is that your androgen levels are out of whack. This can be resolved by incorporating zinc into your supplement routine. 

Flaky Skin - There can be external obvious causes such as a sunburn, there can also be other environmental changes causing dryness. But, an underlying cause, if there aren’t other causes, is an imbalance in omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 6 can be found in peanut butter, chicken, fried foods, fast food restaurants and various other foods often consumed. A good solution is increasing consumption of omega 3 to find balance, this could be accomplished by eating fish, sardines, & cod liver oil.

Chapped Lips - One common factor is a vitamin B2 deficiency, caused by eating too many refined grains. To offset this impact, you could look into taking nutritional yeast supplements. 

Skin Cracking (the back of your heels or sides of your mouth) - There can be several causes for this type of skin cracking, however if yours seems more seasonal, this could be a sign of a vitamin D deficiency. If this is the case incorporating a vitamin D supplement could be beneficial for you. 

It is important to remember that your body is incredibly interconnected and many problems that we face can be solved through proper diet and supplements. 

Let me know in the comments on any tricks you’ve found helpful with your health or if there are nutritional topics you want addressed here, let me know! 


Incredible. I have very oily skin. I shall try zinc.

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