If you're already a tea lover, you already know that making and enjoying your tea is more than just heating water and putting in a tea bag. The practice of drinking tea can be a pathway to mindfulness, intention and reflection. 

To simplify, tea can be ritualized into an incredible experience. The ritualization of tea began in around 700 C.E. China in the Tang dynasty and the Japanese tea ceremony dates back to the 9th century A.D. These tea rituals took place in an ornate tea house, generally a small structure broken off from the rest of the house or a special room in the house. These were times for relaxation, mindfulness, and when done with others, a sacred time for relationship building. 

From its colorful beginning and ornate history, tea has grown into the second most consumed beverage second only to water. Recently tea has become a part of daily mindfulness rituals, or times of day that we take a moment to connect with ourselves and regroup. How can I incorporate tea into my day to day?

Let’s start from the beginning with the cup, find your favorite mug or tea set, whether it’s a dainty tea set or a mug with your favorite sports team, all that matters is that you love it and it adds to the experience. Then, choose your tea. Keep it in a special container or location, something or somewhere that will help enforce your tea time as a sacred time for relaxation. Lastly, set a space to enjoy your tea and mindfully create a time to enjoy this in your day.

Now that we have the basics, the time of day we do it should also be intentional, allowing for you to best connect with yourself. If you're a morning person, maybe a couple minutes in the morning to visualize your day and plan the tasks and meetings you need to get done. 

If you're looking for something to break up your morning and afternoon, why not an afternoon tea ritual. Taking a mindful break in the day could be exactly what you need to promote happiness and productivity. 

A night time tea ritual can help calm and bring peace to your being after a busy day. Teas that include valerian root, chamomile, lavender or skullcap, to name a few that may help reduce anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

No matter the time of day you choose, simply take a moment to yourself. Be mindful and check in with yourself. Enjoy the tea making process with all five senses and enjoy the present moment. 

What I’m sipping on this month

This month I am loving my Immuni-Tea! Featured in this month’s box, Anisha from Umm Skincare has created an amazing and elegant formula that I’m obsessed with. The earthy, herbal tones bring so much peace to the body and mind. I love mine hot, steeped for 5 minutes, and of course don’t forget the honey (I always add a small amount to mine, but use another sweetener or cream depending on your taste)! 

Austin’s tea experience

Tea became a favorite part of my daily routine going back to my time living in Asia. During my stay, I loved the incorporation of tea at various times of day and the pleasant experience of relaxing and sipping a cup of tea. 

In my daily life, I love making a cup of tea to enjoy during the late evening. About an hour or so before bed, I look to disconnect from my phone or other technology so that I can be calm for bed. I love sitting with a cup of tea and either spending a few minutes reading or meditating. 

This mindful practice is invaluable to me, but, just like with any routine or ritual, there is no perfect way to do it, so experiment and try things out. See what resonates for you and make it a habit. Soon you’ll look forward to that time everyday and you won’t know how you lived without it!

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