wash your f*cking face: the guys edition

wash your f*cking face: the guys edition

Gentleman, if we’re being honest, the understanding we have of skincare is either from the world of reddit, or from our mothers a decade ago. Many of us just find ourselves sticking to a bar of soap. 

When I was in high school getting skincare advice from my mom, I was given a cleanser and a mask but had no idea how to use either. I would leave my mask on until my skin was red and dehydrated, but I didn't know better. In college I thought healthy skincare was what I was finding at the Whole Foods down the street, you could say I was a bit lost. 

The world of skincare is often simply left as an unknown, and most men don’t have any type of skincare routine to speak of. But, having a good skincare routine can elevate our skin and appearance and be the difference between the “you look like you need more sleep” to the “your skin looks amazing,” comments. 

The fact of the matter is, good skin can have a huge effect on self-esteem and the way we handle ourselves in our daily life. Beyond just better, healthier skin, you're learning to take care of yourself, prioritize some of your time to self-care, and you’ll feel more confident too. 

So, let’s get started,

What is your skin type:

If this is where you're starting, that is perfectly fine. Men tend to have thicker, oily skin due to natural testosterone. So, many mens products will cater to this skin type. Though, if your skin is tight and flakey, you most likely have dry skin. If you notice it being dry in some areas and oily in others, you have combination skin. 

Now, if you're still a little unsure, take this 3 minute quiz and get a free skin guide, so you have the basics of what type of skin you have.

How do I know if a product is for men’s skin?

For the most part, skincare products are unisex, so there is no need to only purchase products that explicitly state they are for men. However, if you're sensitive to certain scents, you could opt for something fragrance free or something woodier like cedarwood, sandalwood, etc. 

Now that we understand our skin type and the products available to us, let’s go over some specifics.

The Basics:

If you’ve never washed your face with anything more than a bar of soap in the shower, this is where you’ll want to start. 

STEP 1: 

Let’s get a Facial Cleanser that works for you. When we think of clean skin, oftentimes we’re thinking of a squeaky clean, almost dry feeling on our face. But, this is a sign that we’re actually stripping away our natural skin barrier and harming our skin. So, we want to change from a harsh bar of soap to a real facial cleanser. If you have dry skin, look for a cleanser that has some moisturizing properties or if you have more oily skin, let’s find a cleanser that helps lift away the extra oils on our face while still leaving our skin moisturized. For best results use your cleanser day and night.

These are a couple great options depending on your skin type:

  1. - Apricot Cleansing Oil  (dry / combo skin)
  2. - Purifying Charcoal Cleanser (oily skin / combo skin)


The Eye Cream is like the swiss army knife of your skincare routine. It can help fix some of our most common problems, like dark circles, puffiness under the eyes, and wrinkles and fine lines. The skin under our eye is thinner than the rest of our face and so we want something to be concentrated with nutritional value. If you get nothing else from this article, at least use your eye cream morning and night, following your cleanser and you’ll start to see great effects.

These are a couple of my go-tos that I use frequently:

  1. Eye Cream with Hyaluronic Acid & Coffee
  2. Aqua Aura Reparative Eye Cream


Moisturizer, now, it is common for guys to not want to moisturize simply because of the feeling we get on our face. I get that, who likes to feel that they are walking around with goop on their face all day? But, let’s find a moisturizer that actually is right for us. Looking for words like lotion or cream, instead of balm or oil is a great start as these products tend to soak in faster and leave your skin feeling fresh vs gloopy. Start your routine by adding your moisturizer to your face after you use your eye cream, morning and night for best results. These are a couple of my go-to lightweight moisturizers:

  1. Siren Silk Multi-tasking Cream
  2. Face Moisturizer with Argan Powder

STEP 4: 

SPF, daily, but not the chemical filled products that lead to other health complications… we want to use something healthy and natural. But, we want to make sure we are using SPF DAILY! No matter skin tone or ethnicity, SPF is one of the best anti-aging products we can use to prevent sun damage and other skin issues. Use SPF in the morning and layer this on top of your moisturizer.

These are two that I recommend:

  1. MALU Day Cream SPF 30
  2. Essential SPF 30


We’ve graduated and now know how to wash and moisturize our face like adults…. Maybe for the first time. But, this is a great start! Now we want to start using skincare to be offensive with our skin health. These are the two additions I recommend. 

Exfoliation - Regular exfoliation is key, the reason is that it helps remove the buildup of dead skin cells that cause skin to appear dull or sometimes flakey. Now, for those wondering why exfoliation is not in the beginners section it is because men shave (I don’t have a huge beard this may not be the case if your rockin some great facial hair) when men shave, it is a form of exfoliation that some men do everyday. So, for men I wouldn’t recommend a scrub as this may be harsh with the shaving you already do. Instead, use an AHA or BHA liquid exfoliator once a week. This is what I recommend:

  1. Resurface
  2. Glow Juice Enzyme Mask

Serums - Imagine your skincare routine is a smoothie and your serum becomes the lemongrass shot you add looking for your extra boost. That is what a serum, in a jist can be considered, an extra boost that targets a specific concern with a concentrated group of ingredients. There are serums that can target a variety of different skin concerns. But, to just get into the basics, we can look for words like hydrating, boost, and superfood. You’ll want to use your serum twice a day, after your cleanse, but before your moisturizer. These are my two favorites:

      1. Multivitamin Skin Supplement Serum

  1. Reverse Serum 


Gentleman you’ve made it, there's not a dead skin cell in sight, your pores are clean AF. Your strutting around with your new face. Let’s add our final tools to our tool box. 

Toner: This is absolutely one of my favorite universal products. I’ll use a mist or toner throughout the day and keep two at my desk.

People often think of toner almost as a second cleanser as it will lift dirt off the face. However, a toner's main purpose is the pH balance of the skin. So, if you're oily or acne prone this can help degrease your face and keep you shine free. If you're dry on the other hand, this can add a nice moisturizing boost to your skin throughout the day. Use your toner to start after you cleanse and if you're feeling adventurous, use throughout the day as needed. These are my go to toners/mists:

  1. Lihau Facial Mist
  2. Light Mist Facial Toner
  3. Three Roses

Night Cream: A special moisturizer at night might seem crazy, but it’s the perfect time to give your skin that little something that it needs. As you sleep your skin works on healing and restoring, so let’s give your skin the tools it needs to accomplish this. At night I generally will use a heavier balm in the winter months, and then a night cream that’s lighter in the summer months. For now, these are the two I have in my bathroom:

  1. Rejuvenating Cream 
  1. Mahealani Moonlit Facial Balm (works wonderfully as a night treatment)

No matter where you are with your skin journey, I hope this was valuable for you. If you have questions on anything I didn’t touch on, leave a comment, email, or DM us and we’ll be happy to help! And guys PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN.

 Ladies help your man out, I promise he’ll thank you later! 


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