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The Method: TBG

The Method: TBG

See New x TBG is unlike any other collaboration we’ve done before. As the months turn colder, another way to add hydration and nutrition to challenged winter skin is to incorporate exfoliation into your routine. We love the ritual of masking/scrubs as it embodies true self care and forces us to take a break from constantly “doing.” Beauty begins when we flood our bodies, both inside and out, with nutrient dense ingredients from plants, minerals and the hive. Between the cold air outside and dry indoor heating, your skin cells dehydrate and die out faster in winter. Exfoliation helps replenish the skin. Here’s how to incorporate See New x TBG into your winter skincare regimen. 



What you’ll need:




The Method: 

This routine is routed in ancient and modern remedies. You’ll start with the dry brush before you get in the shower. Dry brushing is a fantastic, low maintenance ritual that detoxifies your skin by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow/drainage. The basic principle is to brush from your extremities towards your heart, which is ultimately where lymph fluid goes. Make sure that you are dry brushing before getting into the shower. Drybrushing is a ritual I’m started to include about 3x a week, and have loved the feel of it. The effects it has on my skin are swoon worthy, but also leaving my body feeling energized if done in the morning. 

After showering, apply desired amount of Earth to damp skin in circular motions. (I would recommend staying in the shower while doing this ritual). Allow the nutrients to penetrate your skin. Rinse off, and follow with your favorite body oil. Proceed with this ritual a few times a week. 



What you’ll need: 



The Method: 

Google searches for hair growth remedies are at an average of over 820,000 times per month, with a significant increase in 2021. Hair loss is tough, I’ve experienced it! 

We’ve relied on the expertise of Caroline Denis, founder of TBG for how to combat this stress related topic. Burdock extract is the star of the show in this brilliant formula. Burdock root oil contains Vitamin A, which can help nourish the scalp and strengthen hair. It also contains all the necessary amino acids for building protein that create hair. 

To help strengthen your hair, leave Sunray on as an overnight treatment. Apply the serum on your scalp and massage it with your fingers. Let it sit all night. Proceed with this ritual the night before washing your hair. This is a wonderful treatment for all hair types. 

Tip: To protect your hair from pollution and outside aggressions, gently apply a few drops of Sunray on the ends of your hair after washing.



What you’ll need: 



-Your favorite facial oil 


The Method:

This mask is undoubtedly one of my favorites, it’s what got me so intrigued with TBG Skincare. A beautiful blend of superfoods including spirulina, vitamin e, and honey create a smooth combination to reveal rejuvenated, and even skin. This lush, jar of green goodness frees you of the day’s pollutants, infusing your skin with nutrients as it plumps, softens, and revives circulatory rhythm to restore optimal hydration and luminance. Caroline recommends mixing a teaspoon of the mask with 5 drops of water in a bowl until obtaining a thick liquid mixture. Apply to clean skin with a brush. Let it work its magic for 5 to 20 minutes. Gently massage under warm water to rinse off the mask. 

Customizable tip: Add 5 drops of your favorite facial oil into the mixture. This is my favorite way to use this mask!



What you’ll need:




The Method:

The Lava mask is skin food. Beautiful for even the most sensitive skin, this brilliant formula is designed to be non-stripping, respecting and preserving your delicate acid mantle and pH levels. A blend of nature’s gifts, including cacao, turmeric, honey, and French green clay will leave your skin feeling oh so fresh with every use. Turmeric is known for for it’s anti-inflammatory components, which gives it the pedestal is truly deserves. Turmeric has been included in beauty rituals for centuries. For application, we recommend adding a couple drops of water to Lava, to help even spread thoroughly. This is wonderful for those of us who live in a colder climate. If you are in a warmer climate, you can spread a small amount directly onto your face, no water necessary. Adding a bit of water tends to help the spread of a product in case it gets “stuck” together. This doesn’t change the outcome of the mask. Let it work its magic for 5 to 20 minutes. Gently massage under warm water to rinse off the mask. 



What you’ll need: 


-Cleansing Oil (optional)


The Method: 

Golden Morning. The words that come to mind when I use this combo in the AM. 

As most of you know, I love using a Cleansing Oil in the AM. Cleansing in the morning is a must for me. It allows my skin to hold onto moisture better, and allows for other products to have better absorption. When I wear makeup, it applies much better.

1-2x a week, I will switch up my AM cleansing routine by incorporating Gold Face Scrub. Here’s my how to - apply 3 pumps of Cleansing Oil (I’m usually reaching for Dirty Lamb Cleansing Oil), and mix in a dime sized amount of the Gold Scrub. These two together create quite a power couple. Gently massage using circular motions. Rinse with warm water. 

Why it works - Being an ideal humectant for a long-lasting hydration, TBG’s honey enables your skin to preserve its natural oils. The ingredients in the Cleansing Oil mirrors a similar effect. I find the consistency of these two together works miraculously. Bio-individuality is key here. 

Using Gold in my PM routine - The ingredients in Gold are incredibly calming. After cleansing, Caroline recommends applying a grape-sized amount of the Gold Scrub to your damp skin and gently massage using circular motions. Rinse off with warm water, and follow with facial oil or moisturizer. 


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