Summer Skin Menu

Summer Skin Menu

We like our food, like our skincare - nourishing, rich, and makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

Taking care of your skin from within is just as important as taking off your makeup before bed. This menu is inspired by the fresh, raw produce that summer so graciously gifts us. 


Foods your skin loves:
High quality proteins!
Healthy beneficial fats
Antioxidant-rich veggies/fruits
Herbs + spices


Okay first things first, coffee.

I know asking to take coffee off the menu is a non negotiable for most. So let’s ADD to it instead of taking away!


The Ingredients:

-2 shots espresso

-Your choice of milk (I love making this!) 

-1/2 tsp pearl 

-1 tbsp Rosewater

1/2 tsp coconut oil 

-1/2 tsp chaga

Drizzle of Manuka honey 


The Method: Use a hand blender to mix ingredients together. Serve over ice! If you are missing any of the items, don’t fret. This recipe is just as good with a couple of the ingredients or all of them! The idea is to add benefits to something you already do. 


Next up: Breakfast!

A tartine is truly my go-to. It is so EASY. My first job ever was this cute farm-to-table restaurant & this was their specialty - but in 20 different flavors. 

The beauty of this recipe is you can truly use whatever is in season. If it grows well together - it tastes good together. During the summer I always have tomatoes, strawberries, & feta on hand. During the colder months, I’ll often find this variation on my plate with beets & fennel. 


The Ingredients:

-A good sourdough bread

-Feta or goat cheese are my favorites (I use feta in this one)





-Serrano Chile pepper 

-Olive oil + salt & pepper


The Method: Slice bread, top with feta cheese. Slice tomatoes & radishes, add on top of cheese. Top with olive oil. Next, mix microgreens with olive oil & salt + pepper, massage with your hands. Top your tartine with mint, pepper, & microgreens. Indulge!


My favorite menu item...

This has to be one of my new favorites, it's just too easy & good to be true. I can’t take credit for this recipe, it’s from Half Baked Harvest so I’ll link it here! This is what you'll need for the recipe.


The Ingredients:

-Fresh peaches


-Goat cheese


-Heavy cream



-Olive oil + salt & pepper


The Method: Linked here!


The Dinner Menu...

 A wonderful source of protein, salmon is also one of the best sources of vitamin B12. We love eating fish during the summer with a sexy summer side salad. Easy & fresh. 

Make your salmon as desired. We typically opt for pan searing out of convenience. Linking a good recipe for this.

The Salad

The Ingredients:


-Red Onion


-Tomatoes (cubed)


-Olive oil + salt & pepper


The Method: Prepare salmon as desired. Toss an even amount of the salad ingredients together in a large bowl. Top with olive oil + salt & pepper. 


We didn't forget...Snacks!

Your popcorn just got an upgrade. 


The Ingredients:


-Olive oil

-2 tbsp Cumin

- 2 tbsp Chili Powder

- 1 tbsp Paprika

The Method: Make popcorn, drizzle with olive oil. Mix spices in & enjoy!


Did you try our Summer Skin Menu? Let us know!



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