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Behind The Brand: Skin Essence Organics

Behind The Brand: Skin Essence Organics

Pure & Potent… A couple of the words that immediately come to mind when using the products from Skin Essence Organics. 

The Canadian brand has a focus on Certified Organic materials and ensures that all product ingredients are pure without any harmful additives. Becoming certified organic goes far beyond chemical free farming. Organic certification organizations independently verify every step of the process from farming, handling, manufacturing processes, record keeping, cleaning products, label accuracy, and product packaging.

But, Skin Essence goes beyond just USDA certified organic. They are also Eco-Cert certified. Eco-cert not only recognizes certified organic plant ingredients, but they also value non agricultural ingredients such as Clay, Zinc and Vitamin E, which are essential in premium cosmetic formulations.

When using Skin Essence, you can immediately notice the intention of the ingredients and the formulation. This set of 5 products is perfect for all skin types, but on top of that is also meant for Sensitive skin types. With this in mind, Skin Essence is the perfect introductory to clean natural skin care if you find yourself on the fence. 

A Step Further

In addition to using the best of the best ingredients, Skin Essence also has an intent focus on using bottling that has an intentional use. All products are packaged in eco-friendly, amber glass bottles. This is both great for the environment, but it also plays a very important role in protecting the delicate organic ingredients used in each formulation

Here is an interesting fact…

Plants, as you know, need water, sunlight, and oxygen to grow healthy and strong, however, once the oils are extracted from the plant, water, sunlight and oxygen become some of the worst things for preserving and maintaining the stability and integrity of the oil that was extracted (best things for the plant are the worst things for the oil once extracted).

This is why all of their unique ingredients are carefully extracted and then packed in air-tight, UV protecting amber glass, without adding water. This results in a much more concentrated, organic product that protects and naturally preserves all the amazing essential nutrients captured in Skin Essence products that will really help your skin truly look and feel its best!

It’s no wonder that Skin Essence Organics continues to be a top leading natural skincare brand not only in Canada, but also across the world. 


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