Our Dirty Lamb Routine: Founder Edition

Our Dirty Lamb Routine: Founder Edition

See New was built by two young creatives who are veterans to this industry. See New began out of love for small business, and seeing the best version of yourself. In this blog post, we go over how we incorporate Dirty Lamb into our everyday routine! 

Bryn's routine -

I’m so excited to share with you how I incorporate See New x Dirty Lamb into my everyday routine. First things first, bio-individuality. There are so many “guides” out there that tell you what to do, and what not to do with skincare. A lot of them contradict each other so it’s no wonder why people get so confused when it comes to taking care of their skin! I think there are wonderful “templates” you can follow when doing skincare, but don’t be afraid to experiment. 

Let’s get into it! The Apricot Cleansing Oil. I LOVE a good cleansing oil, especially in the morning. Using cleansing oils leaves my skin with a supple glow and allows my skin to hold onto moisture better. Creating a clean canvas so that my other products can have better absorption, is something I will always practice and preach. When I cleanse at night, I typically use this cleansing oil as my second cleanse. My first cleanse is to loosen up makeup and take it off - I don’t want to use my expensive cleansing oil to do so. You’ll typically see me switch between oils, balm, and gels for cleansers. 

I’m always trying new serums and oils but having a couple staples in my routine is essential for me. I use the Ultra Day serum every other day, and it leaves a flawless dewy look without being “greasy”.  A must have on my checklist when it comes to facial oils. No one wants to go out looking like a grease monkey!

Since first trying this lip scrub from Dirty Lamb early this year, it’s been a staple in my bathroom. Lips are such a focal point on your face, we can’t forget about them! Living in Seattle for part of the year, I definitely struggle with chapped lips. I always carry a DL lip scrub with me on the go, as well as having one in my bathroom. One of my favorite things I “ditched” during quarantine was lipstick. I’ve really loved showing a natural pout and DL lip scrub is perfect for it. After using the lip scrub, I typically find myself reaching for Ipsum’s Lip Oil Balm. These have been my skin saviors as we turn towards the colder months. 

No matter what serum I use in the morning, I love reaching for my Rose Petal toner from DL afterwards. If you follow my personal IG, you’ll see that I’ve gone through quite a few of these bottles this year lol! The scent is so refreshing, yet not overwhelming. I’m someone who definitely reaches for a mist throughout the day - I love my skin feeling oh-so fresh! Hydrating mists are one of those products that can really be used however you want, whenever you want. There’s so many “right” and “wrong” ways to do skincare according to every expert but the beauty is in creativity (with some exceptions). My skin really started to change when I embraced that. Bio-individuality is important. My skin leans more dry so my skin absolutely soaks up products like Rose Petal!

I had to save my favorite for last. The Dirty Lamb night serum was one of our customer’s favorite products in our first See New x Dirty Lamb box. After a long day, my skin craves this formula. Their blend of fatty oils is an experience your face won’t forget. I love mixing this oil with Aster Raine Reverse Serum or Rejuvenating Cream - (I’m loving skincare cocktails lately) for an extra layer of hydration of protection. My skin absolutely loves these combos. If I’m not using a body specific oil, I’ll put this all over my chest and sometimes even midsection. The rest of our body needs love too.


Austin - 

The Essentials was born earlier this year, drawing inspiration from how I personally use the box. It's perfect for the skincare minimalist.

Things can get quite busy between See New and my other job, so the minimalism of the essentials is perfect for me. When I wake up, I always shower and I’ll typically apply the Apricot Cleansing Oil afterwards. I don’t spend a ton of time on skincare in the morning if I’m honest, but I absolutely love having a clean face! 

From there I use the Day Serum, which I have been loving and I go about my day. I apply it to my face and neck. 

The night is when I really take some more time to get my skin into a great place before bed. I’m very specific about my nightly routine as I think it’s so crucial to always end the day positively and carry that into the next day. 

I’ll take a few minutes to cleanse each night. I love the scent and the way the oil cleanser makes my skin feel after use. I’ve been loving the lip scrub a lot especially for this time of year. With the seasons changing in Denver my skin tends to get dry and my lips always feel it a lot! The scrub has been amazing for me and really kept my lips feeling great without chapping. 

Last but not least I end the day with the Day serum. I love that it's non-greasy, and I find it mixes quite well with some of my other favorite products. I still have some of my Barrier Warrior left from this past month, so I have been mixing the two products together. Using 3-4 drops of the serum and 3-4 drops of the Barrier Warrior. I use this everywhere! If you're a guy I think this helps a ton with ingrown hairs on your neck.


I hope this post was insightful to see how each of use the See New curations! If you have any questions or want to learn how to tailor a product to work better for your skin type, leave us a comment and we'll get back to you asap!

-Bryn & Austin

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