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Jade rollers - and why you don't need one.

Jade rollers - and why you don't need one.

This blog will cover why you don’t need jade rollers, and what will work for you even better (and it’s free!)

Can I be honest? Every time I see a well respected company or influencer rave about the benefits of jade rollers, I just….cringe inside.

The jade roller trend is one I don’t think I’ll understand. I remember purchasing one back in 2018 and thinking “this is what people are excited about?” My little $28 facial roller squeaking at me while dragging it over my skin. LOL.

A majority of the companies that sell jade rollers, are very, very cheaply made. However it should be noted, that traditional jade rollers are wonderful and luxurious. They have been apart of ancient Chinese rituals for centuries. The jade roller is believed to be invented during the Qing Dynasty. They were used by the elite to keep the skin young. Keep in mind the quality of authentic jade is highly sought after. Natural, undyed or untreated jade would be in the thousands of dollars," says Richard Berberian, the owner of Elyse Fine Jewelers-Gemologist in Reading, Massachusetts.

On top of cheap material, they contain intensely chemically treated crystal that have to carry tags such as ‘reconstituted’ to avoid claims of false advertising. They retain none of the original properties of the crystal, which is supposed to be one of the crucial benefits of this ancient ritual. Nearly all jade rollers that you find at your favorite fashion retailer or online beauty store, are produced in the same 3 factories in China.

A quick search on AliExpress.com will show you what most retailers pay for a “jade” roller. Even less for bulk orders.

While they do add a pretty “flare’ to your vanity, save your $40 and freeze a spoon instead. 



Here’s how I explained jade rollers vs lymphatic massages to one of my friends. Have you ever had a kale salad after it’s been massaged? Yes you heard me right. Massaged. Kale. If you haven’t, probably sounds incredibly weird but massaging it breaks down the tough cell structure of the popular veggie and has a noticeable difference in texture and taste. Facial massaging, in my opinion is similar. While rolling around a mini paint roller on your face can feel good, it really doesn’t do much. But getting your hands in there and really massaging, game changer. Weird analogy? Sorry I just really like massaged kale. ANYWAYS...


I was introduced to lymphatic drainage techniques a couple years ago from blogger, Lauryn Evarts. After undergoing major jaw surgery which leads to intense swelling, this was her go-to. After doing my own research on lymphatics, I found a couple different teachers who had wonderfully made videos on the subject. I was hooked. The history of the method begins in 1932 with Emil and Estrid Vodder who practiced as a massage therapist and naturopath in France.

What it is, and why it works:

The lymphatic drainage massage is a technique that uses light pressure and specific motions to gently drain excess fluid.


The lymphatic system removes toxins and metabolic waste from cells all over the body, carrying these substances away in lymphatic fluid (lymph). When lymph circulation is overwhelmed, lymph fluid can build up. This shows up in the face as swelling and puffiness, and even bags under the eyes (Hello hungover skin).

Lymphatic facial massages help increase circulation to help bring fresh blood and new nutrients to the skin cells. Your lymphatic system doesn’t have a central pump to move it like the way the heart pumps your cardiovascular system. Instead, lymph relies on small, smooth muscle contractions.

Lymphatic massage benefits go beyond bouncy skin. They include aiding in detoxification, strengthening the immune system, reduction of inflammation and increased vitality. Shall we go on?

Explaining how to massage your face via a blog post won’t do the magical ritual justice. Visuals are necessary. I HIGHLY suggest following along this video tonight (with your favorite facial oil/serum). It’s free, it’s easy, and it feels so good. You will notice a difference afterwards.


Plus can we talk about how good her skin looks? That’s all the proof I need.


Jade roller help with puffy eyes and eye begs. It improve skin texture.
Website: https://bestjaderollers.com/

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