Inner Circle: Bryn Gabriel

Inner Circle: Bryn Gabriel

Tell us about SN and how it came to be

I firmly believe that holistic living holds the key to body healing. The pandemic served as a catalyst for me to explore the world of food products and skincare, and awakened my senses to the necessity of embracing a healthy lifestyle in every aspect of my life. I made a pretty drastic change in my everyday lifestyle.

I prioritize products that make me feel GOOD, and quite frankly I don’t think companies have an excuse to not be conscious about the harmful ingredients they use anymore. 

We are committed to being ingredient-conscious without sacrificing aesthetics. We understand that when products look good, people are more likely to use them, which is why we strive to offer health-conscious products that also look great on your bathroom counter. Our journey began with a humble subscription service, but it quickly grew into something more significant - a passion project that I like to think of as our "ingredient-conscious child." 


Do you have a favorite ritual?

Every morning Austin and I have our coffees together. His go-to is hot espresso with honey, and mine is is 2 shots over ice with a dash of coconut milk. During this time, we usually have incense burning and French music on. It’s a real vibe. 


What other practices do you have that support you feeling your best?

Movement, especially when I don’t want to. I’ve started lifting weights and was shocked at how much it helps with mental health and clarity. 

Austin has been teaching me tennis so it’s been fun doing a new activity together. I am also known to love my at-home YouTube Pilates videos though!

Wim Hof Breathwork, especially first thing in the morning, and right before going to bed. There’s something about it that just transports my mind to somewhere much calmer. I like to “habit-stack” so if I’m doing something like breath work, you can usually find me doing so while doing a face mask. 


Always in your pantry: Coconut everything, nori sheets, and sardines. 

Go-to dinner recipe: @edeneats Chicken with shallots & sweet potatoes. We make this once a week and the leftovers find their way into our sales, or grain bowls throughout the rest of the week. I use her cookbook religiously.

Go-to dinner party recipe: Homemade pasta always impresses. Plus you can make it in advance and do the fancy part in front of your guests!

Snack: Olives or smoked salmon. Fresh coconut meat if I can find it.

Drink: I love a good French wine with a little bit of water in it - a tip I learned from Todd White, founder of Dry Farm Wines. I was not convinced until I tried it and I must admit I even do this at restaurants now!

Favorite Cookbook: Omg I have so many. Two staples I lean towards lately would be Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden, and Eating Out Loud by Eden Grinshpan.



What is your skincare philosophy? 

Consistency is key and don't pick your skin no matter how tempting it is.


What are your top products from SN? 

Luna Nectar Magnesium Oil - sleep is so damn important to me, this is incredible. 

Aremes Fermentis Cleanser - my go-to recently. 

Apoterra Body Oil - a full aromatherapy experience, this is so luxurious. 

Rainbo Lion’s Mane - I use this 1-2x a day.  

The Golden Secrets Sculpting Stone - post shower ritual. 


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