Inner Circle:  Alina Mehrle

Inner Circle: Alina Mehrle

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. 

My name is Alina Mehrle and I am co-founder of New York City based AMEON Skin, a skincare brand inspired by cryotherapy.  I started my career at MTV Television before spending 5 years as Creative Director for the largest restaurant holding company in Eastern and Central Europe. I'm also co-founder and board member of the award-winning New York based architectural design studio Asthetique.

What is philosophy when it comes to your skin?

I'm always gazing towards a cleaner and more sustainable future, with products that awaken the skin and reconnect with the earth through powerful, lightweight ingredients inspired by a graceful merging of nature and innovation. Biotechnology is our calling, and our potent formulas are inspired by the latest achievements in science for skin clarity and luminosity that connects deeply with the soul.

Important: we do not use the word “natural” in our marketing or otherwise because no ingredients come to a jar straight from the garden. All ingredients go through a number of processing steps so we believe it's ethical to describe these ingredients as naturally derived. We also use high performance biotech (lab created ingredients) - like hyaluronic acid and peptides. The end result is that AMEŌN products are powerful and effective because they strike a balance between natural-derived and biotech ingredients.

Our scientists also share the view that everything that damages or irritates our skin leads to premature aging. AMEŌN formulas are powerful but gentle and healing and all of 5 products are designed to work well together.

My skincare story began with a breast cancer diagnosis almost 5 years ago. The treatment caused extreme damage to my skin. On my journey to heal, rejuvenate and restore it, my oncologist introduced me to cryotherapy, which completely changed my skincare routine and inspired me to found Ameon and create our signature product, Frozen Essence.

AME means ‘soul’ in French and ON comes from our motto - 'turn ON your skin potential'. As a brand, we represent the balance between two worlds, the world of nature and spirituality and the world of modern science, achievement of medicine, art, and design.


Tell us about Skin Icing, how did you come up with the Frozen Essence: GLOW MANIFESTO Ice Cubes?

After chemo my skin was very sensitive and fragile, my oncologist told me about cryotherapy. I was so inspired by cryo and the effect it has on your skin and general wellbeing. Cryotherapy increases production of mood-elevating hormones and neurotransmitters (beta-endorphins, noradrenaline and dopamine) that can improve symptoms of depression and anxiety by changing the chemistry in our body and brain. So this simple act of doing skin icing is not just beneficial for your skin but for your wellbeing and mental/emotional health. When I personally do skin icing I think about everything I'm grateful for in life - it's a moment of spiritual awakening when in your mind you are focusing on gratitude.  We know that gratitude is scientifically proven to boost our mood and improve our happiness.  #icecult - has potentially 2 simple steps and takes 3-5 minutes everyday.
1. Skin Icing massage with Frozen Essence (or just wash your face with cold water, or you can do facial ice for yourself, or use cold facial tools)
2. While you are doing this ritual you are training your mind to manifest gratitude and appreciation. 
As a result this simple daily practice we name #icecult leads you to spiritual maturity and incredible changes in your life.

What’s something you wish more people understood about Skin Icing?

Skin icing has been around for centuries. We modernized and beatified it and applied science to make skin icing even more effective with our unique formulas that are activated by freezing. With regular use, the effect is dramatic and cumulative.
Frozen Essence is a new category in skincare that we perfected over 2 years of product development. When you receive a beautiful Frozen Essence box it contains 9 mono-dose molds.  You pop them in the freezer and when they’re frozen you remove a single ice cube, massage it into your face and let it dry.
We call it skin icing. 
What does it do?  It causes blood vessels to constrict and then dilate, pulsing our carefully balanced ingredients deeper into the skin where they act quickly to hydrate, firm and reduce redness and imperfections.  Skin icing with Frozen Essence also helps serums and moisturizers work better, which means it enhances nearly every traditional skincare routine.  


After a long day, what's your go-to routine?

After a long day in New York and when I need extra gentleness -  I would enjoy a relaxing bath and indulge myself with skin icing ritual with Frozen Essence: Supreme Energy Ice Cubes, drop of Baby Buddha Calming Serum and polish with our Holy Cream Moisturizer. Remember to be kind to yourself.



What's always on your nightstand?
Summer and winter - is a nourishing overnight lip mask. 

What other practices do you have that support you feeling your best?

Visualizing. For me it is like meditation, and serves me in everyday life in a practical way. It’s more than seeing pictures in your mind.
Mind over matter. Our minds are so much more powerful than we ever imagined.

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