How-to: Honua

How-to: Honua

Honua Skincare holds a special place in our hearts, and we are so excited to share with you the new See New x Honua box! Honua is the first brand we ever featured in a See New box, and we are forever grateful to them for being a part of our vision. To read more about their brand, click here.

Honua’s innovative products combine traditional Hawaiian healing botanicals and methodologies, with modern skincare technology. Focusing on the root cause of major skin conditions, they have expertly crafted a single line for all skin types.

Below we go over each product, what it does, and how to use best in your routine!


Hibiscus Beauty Booster

Honua’s newest item, is featured in The Skincare Box! The Hibiscus Beauty Booster quickly rose to fame, even being named one of the best skincare launches of fall 2021 by Forbes. 

Founder Kapua Browning has been working on this product for several years with the goal of integrating deeply hydrating ingredients (hello, hyaluronic acid - we see you) and powerful Hawaiian antioxidants for an instant glow boost for all skin types and ages. 

Hibiscus’ precious tropical petals gently exfoliate the skin with their Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) properties - it not only helps to brighten and tighten but is the perfect prep for the delivery of the power combo of Hyaluronic Acid & Astaxanthin.

Think benefits of Vitamin C but, but more potent. Astaxanthin is the king of Carotenoids and is 600x more potent than Vitamin C. 


How to use it:

Dispense a pearl-sized amount onto clean skin and massage gently all over face.  Use a second drop for neck and décolleté.  Follow with a water based serum to complement the hyaluronic hydration.  We recommend finishing your routine with Malu Protecting Day Cream to achieve balanced moisture and sun protection.


Pro tip: 

Sandwich it in hydration! Hyaluronics work best over/under water based products. We recommend Honua’s Youth Serum or the Lihau mist for a plumping, antioxidant BOOST.


What it does:

  1. Reduce cell damage and inflammation 
  2. Delivers deeper hydration helping to address fine lines caused by hydration
  3. Gives your skin a bouncy, plump effect
  4. Rejuvenate and Hydrate



Lihau Facial Mist:

Lihau serves as a daily nutrient delivery system and penetration enhancer in our ritual. This game-changing formula is as powerful as it is intoxicating, amplifying the effectiveness of every treat that comes before or after it. This exotic scent blend of Hawaiian sandalwood, vetiver, neroli and blue tansy work together to calm your mind and bring mental clarity and peace. 


How to use it:

You can incorporate it in to your evening ritual or keep it in your purse for a quick self love moment throughout the day. Shake well and hold 8-10 inches from face.  Spritz in the AM and PM to clean skin and throughout the day.


Pro Tip: Use it during the day to revive your makeup, creating a natural, flawless look.


What it does:

  1. Hydrate dry and dehydrated skin.
  2. Reduce redness and inflammation.
  3. Cool and calm acne flare ups.
  4. Enhance penetration of your oils, balms, & serums.



Malu Day Cream SPF 30:

MALU is the final step in your daily ritual to keep your skin protected from the sun as well as daily environmental pollutants. MALU marries modern natural protectants with traditional Hawaiian ones and contains all reef-safe ingredients keeping our oceans in mind. Scents of jasmine merge with antioxidant noni and nourishing laukahi for a creamy, luxurious day cream that does not leave a white cast.  Honua uses non-nano zinc oxide, which is broad spectrum.


How to use:

Dispense 1-2 pumps onto clean, hydrated skin as your last step.


Pro tip: For drier skin, we love using Honua's 'Ōlena Oil then allow it to sink into skin before applying Malu. For more oily skin, you can apply Malu directly after the Aloha Youth Serum for maximum moisture and protection.  



Mahealani Moonlit Glow Balm:

Māhealani is the perfect addition to your cold month skincare collection, but will keep your skin glowing all year. While most of Honua's products soak in almost immediately to work on balancing skin's moisture at a deeper level, this one satisfies the craving for a more dewy veil of surface hydration. This concentrated beauty is like a meditation and spa vacation for your skin. In aromatherapy, blue tansy is used to reduce anxiety, manage anger, heal sleep disorders, and soften the feeling of being out of control.


How to use it: 

Each morning, melt a pea-sized amount into your skin immediately after cleansing and before reaching for your face towel. Double your portion for an overnight treatment (our favorite), giving extra love to areas of sensitivity and the delicate eye contour.


Pro Tip: Layer overtop of your favorite facial serum/oil for a dreamy, luminous effect.


What it does:

  1. Support and restore overall skin health, function, and vibrancy.
  2. Hydrate and quench dehydrated and dry skin.
  3. Reduce inflammation and soothe sensitive skin.
  4. Relieve redness and irritation from rosacea, dermatitis, acne, and eczema.



I was worried that the Moon Balm would be greasy for my skin ( I have mature, oily skin) and NOTHING calms it down like this moon balm! My skin is in love. Thank you See New for introducing me to this divine balm.

That hibiscus booster sounds like a treat!

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