Gift Guide: The Ultimate Wellness Guide

Gift Guide: The Ultimate Wellness Guide

Unexpected tools, experiences, and accessories that are sure to bring more joy to your everyday rituals and habits or even help kick-start a new favorite practice. 

Detox Drops

Combat the holiday "overindulge" season with Detox Drops that support your gut, liver, and metabolism. 

Acupressure Mat

The gift I'm gifting everyone this year. If you suffer from chronic pain, tech neck, headaches, body stiffness or stress, the acupressure mat is for you. I have been using mine the past 6 months and I can't recommend it enough.

Body Cupping Kit

Body cupping is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to reduce tension, increase circulation, and support detox. Suction from the cups gently lifts tissue up for a release.

Eczema Aloe Body Cube

This moisturizing, healing and detoxing soap offers organic and vegan ingredients for a rich, emollient lather that won’t dry out the skin, but will leave you feeling super hydrated.

11:11 Multi-Mushroom Immunity Tincture

Our bestseller, for good reason. A rich and effective formulation, 11:11 is a blend of 11 powerful and potent medicinal mushrooms. Working in synergy, this blend helps to support the body and mind, strengthening your immunity and resilience. 

Trust me on this one.

Aphrodisiac Glow Body Oil

Okay so here's the thing, I am utterly obsessed with this. This body oil gives you summer skin, year round. A high vibrational, natural bronzing body oil that deeply hydrates your skin while giving you an instant tint of color. 

Ear Seeding Kit

Ear seeds carry a deep legacy in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a wellness tool used to reduce stress, relieve pain, restore hormonal balance and more. 

Sculpting Stone Gua Sha Body Tool

A must have for your "treat yourself list". This sculpting tool creates Far infraRed (FIR) waves and therapeutic ultrasound and has an unrivaled value of around 3700 in generated ultrasonic pulses compared to other popular stones such as Jade stone at around 1843. The friction between the stone and your skin produces these healing ultrasonic pulses, improving microcirculation as well as overall metabolism. Releasing trapped lymph that causes water retention and stagnant energy in the body- helping to expel waste products, including unwanted fat, cellulite, & stretch marks.

The gift you didn't know you needed. 

Facial Cupping Kit

Put your best face forward, literally. Facial cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique to sculpt, lift and de-puff. For myself, I find that I hold a lot of tension in my face resulting in TMJ. This has helped tremendously, major plus is they are easy to travel with.

Reusable Silicone Sheet Masks

These masks are designed to hold oil serums and balms close to the skin to help preserve the maximum amount of essence for skin nutrition.

Antioxidant Mask

Argan oil and silica-rich rhassoul clay from the Atlas mountains in Morocco combine with extracts of pomegranate and acai to detoxify, stimulate, and nourish the skin with essential antioxidants and vitamins. 

Aurora Glow Serum 

The highest known vitamin C concentration of super fruit the Kakadu plum repairs skin damage caused by the sun. Expect radiant skin after using. 


Bath Oil

A unique and luxurious aromatic blend of carefully selected essential oils which combine to ease stress and relax tension in both mind and body. Feel any stress immediately melt away. 

Nightcap Sleep Gummies

A revolutionary sleep aid that is scientifically backed to help improve your sleep and reset internal rhythms. Not your average gummy. 

Gold Pulse Firming Wand

A 5 min facelift? It truly doesn't get more on-the-go than this. This golden beauty wand helps enrich your skin with sonic vibrations (6000 vibrations per minute) that contour, lift and firm the face to give it a more radiant and youthful appearance. This tool does the work for you.

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